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Default Re: Borderlands Merchandise

I would love for Gearbox to make merchandise for Borderlands. A skag action-figure or plush would certainly have my attention. I know this may not be an official merchandise, but I thought it was something cool that I came across. I made one too. :]
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Default Re: Borderlands Merchandise

Originally Posted by SpookyMulder View Post
Wooo, took a few minutes to catch my breath after that.
Holy cats, Hobo, I think you're established as Master of Visual Aids. If the devs don't have that tacked up somewhere or made into a mousepad by weekend, I question their weirdness.
I noticed the over-developed goatee on the one is balanced by the chest hair on the other. Excellent.
Strangely, this picture didn't appeal to me until you mentioned mouse pad.

Yes, I want this as my mouse pad. I think it would last me about 10 years. Tattered and faded I would still love this mouse pad.
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Default Re: Borderlands Merchandise

I would like to see some kind of Claptrap related merchandise, but I would also love full sized posters for the in-game manufacturers like this:
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Default Re: Borderlands Merchandise

Lets not bump super old threads


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