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Default Missions do not end

It seems I am having an issue with EiB. I am playing Mission 10 -- The Crack of Dawn. I was able to complete the entire mission, except the end when I am supposed to meet with Mac. I can see him standing over in the field across the road from what is left of the farm house.

Is there a way t finish this mission with out having to replay the entire thing again? Is there a fix to prevent this from happening again. It happened one other time. The first mission with Risner, when to end the mission you meet Risner in the church yard.

It suck to play a mission, complete it , but the task you need to do to end the mission does not happen!
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Default Re: Missions do not end

Sounds to me like you missed one of the objectives. I'm not sure which mission that is off the top of my head, but maybe there is a German just standing around somewhere waiting to be killed.

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Default Re: Missions do not end

sounds good!
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