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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

It will be too loud to sleep(unless you afford first class which have awesome chairs), and the air will give you a headache. Flying sucks.
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Default San Fran next February

I have never flewn. But next february I'm gonna go to San Fransisco with my folks. It'll be cool since I've never been outside of Europe but California seems kinda overrated and it'll be 2 strait weeks without BL2, skype or this forum. Unless there's wifi where we sleep. Then I'll use my phone for skype and the forum.

I made another post, see ya in a few months.
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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

I have the worst and most horrendous fear of flying, or just being up high in general. You'd never get me on an airplane.
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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

When I was in US, the affordable flight to my home country would cost me about $1200 (RT) and 24 hrs of my life :-/ That's why after 2 years I decided to move back Cathay Pacific is a good option CiG. But don't take any flight that goes through Hong Kong as there will be tons of Indians and Chinese (with their loud annoying babies in it) :truestory: I couldn't sleep for about 17 hrs on that one

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand what about this ?

Link to their website and beta signups in video description

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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

It just can't go a week without raining here. I was a minute away from home when it started just now and I was soaking wet by the time I got back.
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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

Wondered where our rain went...been the driest year on record over here in dreary old England.

The sunshine's nice though, not used to turning my heating off in March
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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

Over here, the weather went from a nice 70s for a week down to 20s over the course of two days.
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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

ive been to japan. the longest damn flight ever. went japan airlines through american airlines and got a cramped little window seat on a double decker plane for the like 14 hour flight over the ocean. and the food was terrible.

as for the 20 dollars thing... i would lay here and do nothing because i cant atm.
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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

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Default Re: Random Talk Thread.

@watho, all hotels in California will have free WiFi, just check in at the desk and you will get a temporary id and California surfing you will be

If I had $20, probably buy some doja, home boy is out these days.

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