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Default Community Day 2011 cards in a swag bag

Hey, I just got a swag bag from Gearbox in the mail for having a question I submitted chosen to be answered on the blog. I wanted to say thank you Gearbox.

I have one more question, in the swag bag came three cards. One for duke nukem, one for aliens, and one for borderlands. I figured they were for advertisement purposes but each one contains a 5 digit number. the aliens one is alpha numeric. Are these used for something specific? there was no letter included.

((I'm asking here because the cards say "community day 2011" so I figured this would be the appropriate forum.))
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Default Re: Community Day 2011 cards in a swag bag

should PM one of the staff members i think

try ChrisF or ?AdamF?

or was it AdamP i keep forgetting lol

anyway chrisF i'm sure is correctly spelled

Greetz Apple-Guy

ps sorry for the latiness

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