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Default Glitch with turret's Roland

this has happened frequently with my soldier after I changed my build up. It seems the turret's bolts 'disassociate' themselves with the 'owner' and respectively kill the enemies without rewarding the xp or kill benefited skills. This seems to only happen specifically with corrosive bolts and first appeared after I changed my build from 5's in sentry and barrage to 4's (that I noticed.)

Has anyone else had this glitch? It's really silly that I can deploy the turret, have it eating away at some goons then when I turn to finish off the rest, there'll be one (so far) guy being corroded without the little jumping numbers. In a really lame situation a couple days ago I went down and was about to shoot but the corrosion killed the guy without rewarding the kill. I mean, it's not like there's someone else running around pandora in single player on my game killing all the inhabitants with a bipolar turret, is there?
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