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Default Re: An Idea For the Gun Creating Fanboys

Originally Posted by Zoridium JackL View Post
how about this, you start the game with all gun pieces unlocked, and then to make things easier/more streamlines the game will craft the guns FOR you, and then you can choose which ones to keep and which ones not to keep, but of course there needs to be a limitation to stop you crafting things too fast, so we can make it that guns can only be crafted at specific places, perhaps in a box shaped device that when opened reveals the guns that have been created, and maybe when you kill an enemy they have a chance of dropping a "craft point" that digistructs into a weapon.

I think this system of gun crafting would please everybody therefore it is good and should be done.
The game already crafts guns for you! Go kill things and get them! Jesus!

And seeing as nobody agrees with you, it doesn't please anywhere near everyone, therefore it is not good and should not be done.

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