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Default Re: gun making

Will I be able to make this gun I just thought up?

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Default Re: gun making

Originally Posted by madroxXx View Post

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Default Re: gun making

Wow second post and its about guncrafting.
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Default Re: gun making

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Default Re: gun making


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Default Re: gun making

Check out this thread
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Default Re: gun making

Yes, other threads exist. also, there are links in my sig to articles that explain why gearbox are not keen on crafting.
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Default Re: gun making

Originally Posted by MrAbacus View Post
Will I be able to make this gun I just thought up?

That actually would be cool... if it was just in the game...
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Default Re: gun making

It was mentioned in one article that we will be able to upgrade our weapons withe so-called "E-Tech" - Eridian upgrade parts for barrels only.
And that is as close as we will get to the "guncrafting" because BL is about looting, not crafting.
GBX knows that guncrafting would ruin BL so the said one big fat NO to it, even if it is somewhat frequent request from fans.
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Default Re: gun making

Roboassassin, as the others have mentioned, this is a common subject. As such, we try to keep conversation to a single thread to reduce clutter. If you're interesting in actually having a discussion on the subject beyond just saying what side of the argument you're on, then check it out here: Please try to search for existing threads on a subject before making a new post. Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules here:

As for many of the rest of you, your comments are unnecessary and unwelcome. Posts like "Ugh, another thread [facepalm.gif]" and "mods should lock this", and especially the sarcastic "omg dis grate idea" are rude and people are going to get in trouble for posts like those. Whether or not you welcome the idea of weapon crafting, it's a popular topic of conversation, and there's a significant portion of the community that's interested in getting into the game. You can't just shut down conversations like this just because you don't like it, feel "it doesn't fit the game", or there's been a hundred threads on the subject.

What you do is you make a post (and not a rude one) explaining to the user that there's an existing thread on the subject, and to continue the conversation there. And link them to the conversation. If someone else has made that post, you don't need to do anything further. In addition, just report the post. Sends me a ping that there's a duplicate thread, and I can take care of it. Nearly two pages of harassment is uncalled for.

Anyway, Locked.
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