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Default Re: Augmentation slots for guns

perfection is normally like beauty its all about the eye that beholds it. if u find a gun with what most ppl agree to be the best parts (barrel 5 or 4 debate more accuracy over more damage) then u have augment slots now a new discussion occurs some will say fire rate, others say damage, more others say mag size and then even more others might say accuracy now its more about preference and i like that.

the showing off aspect is in lots of games, wow, maplestory, fable, pokemon, diablo and any game that is based on rarity of loot, but why u show off has more to say about ur narcissistic tendencies; if ur showing off for showing offs sake then yes 100% narcissistic, if your showing your finds to help compile a list to see how close guns are to having "the prefect gun" i believe its not so much.

i personally like to show the guns i felt so very lucky to find and if that made others strive to find better guns thats on them, i never feel the need to one up someone unless they are being a D!ck (we all know the type, the tell others they will never find anything better then what they find). cause in the end this game to me is about finding guns that make me blow ish up lol.

honestly my favorite screen shots i took of this game are where i blew bone head through his gate and his corpse was stuck in the gate, or the bad@$$ lance guy that when he blew up his foot got stuck to the ceiling and his corpse was dangling from the ceiling.
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