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Default Anyone Else Notice the....

There's an odd outlining of nearly every object in game when I play. I'm not quite sure on how to describe this outlining of everything, but it just makes everything look bad. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is it my tv or is it just another problem with the game's graphics? Thanks.
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Default Re: Anyone Else Notice the....

no one can tell you without more details. could be the gpu in your console. Is the game installed or read off the disk? Does this happen with any other games? Hey, at least no red ring, is your console hooked up to your t.v. via hdmi cable, or no?? t.v. old? Problem persist with other games or not?
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Default Re: Anyone Else Notice the....

You nod to Ameko worriedly, "Yeah... well, see.. I'm already paying skotos to play my favorite games. I don't think I can commit to paying someone else to play their game. Also, I really hate doing stuff like committing to projects, or signing non-disclosure agreements.".

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Default Re: Anyone Else Notice the....

Ameko smirks at you, "Well, that's not a concern. The game I'm building will be completely free-to-play. As far as helping out goes: It's completely non-commitment. Everything is completely open to the community. If the average player wants to send in a room, they can just do it, and they're pretty likely to get accepted. I want to keep development open to everyone, and let the community influence how everything goes.".
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