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Default Dr.Zed Abomination

So This is Dr. Zeds mission(monster Mash Part3) of collecting skag/rakk parts for his creation. After possessing the required items, he requires me to kill his abomination in the frostburn canyon. I have restarted a couple times and everytime I find the objective circle highlighting where to search, I cannot find the abomination.SOMEONE help!!

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Default Re: Dr.Zed Abomination

You go through past Scorcher's? cave on the ice...around...go up all the soon as you get off the stairs you'll hear Dr Zed say 'Ah...i see you found my Abomination'. It'll jump out and attack you as you walk towards the 'tin can' in the middle with the electricity.
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Default Re: Dr.Zed Abomination

Thank you so much!!! I Appreciate your help!!
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