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Default Southpaw Steam and Power. Second assassin will not spawn. First will not drop emperor

I am at playthrough 2.5 and being a siren and all decided that a burst fire emperor would be nice. Upon return to South paw I farmed the first assassin thirty times without much care. After thirty five I became nervous and decided to do a run killing all the assassins. After wiping out the first and everyone else I realized the second would not spawn. Not caring much I ran the first assassin about thirty plus more times, with mounting anger. Fed up I went online and researched there drop rate, according to one source a 3.%. Imagining that beaut I had seen over and over on the loading screen I got myself to run him fifty-ish more times, hard to tell with how it become such a futile belittling rage inducing experience that I lost count. Two or three times I saw what appeared to be money the first assassin dropped fall through the floor. This looked to be the shape of money , and was the color, but I suppose may have been my now fabled gun. I've never had an issue such as this. I have yet to farm him more than once post patch.
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