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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

This has happened to me several times. For me it seems to happen in Sanctuary. I've lost 3 legendaries now
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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

I have lost my Hornet a couple times, both from the fourth slot.
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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

Possibly related, but I don't believe so in this case:

An illegitimate, modded gun is flagged as such while it's present in the game, and is deleted from the inventory upon loading the save. If you have mysterious weapons disappear from your inventory after a trade, this is the likely culprit.
TIP: Vending machines in TPS are always adjusted to your level. Legendaries also show up a lot more often as items of the day (or twenty minutes, really).
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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

If anyone experiences this issue again, please provide the following information:
- What platform (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) you are playing on
- Whether single player or co-op.
- If co-op, whether you are hosting the game or playing as a client
- The location (equipped slot or backpack), type (weapon, shield, etc.), and rarity of the lost item.
- How you acquired the item.

Note that mission items are removed once the mission is turned in or when a new session is started with all objectives complete.

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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

Guys, I have gone through this issue with Gearbox/2k Games and essentially, their policy is there is nothing they can do with missing items. After the standard form letter, and then NUMEROUS e-mails between the two, I found out that they do not have a way to check server logs or records because there it none. Steam only saves the last save game point as a way to play your account on multiple computers (only one at a time). I was pretty ticked but I understood that they are NOT an MMO game hosting server like EQ/WoW/SWO etc. They gave me some compensation for my trouble but it will never be equal to the lost Volcano Rifles (TWO) that I lost due to this bug/glitch.
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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

All that for 2 volcano's.....

On another note, back your game saves up, back your game saves up back your games saves up.
I do this every night, never lost any items, but i'm prepared.

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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

Wow I heard things about this after the BAR bug, people on PS3 saying they lost items.

No telling how many glitches and bugs are in this game, that can't be fixed.

Don't take unnecessary risks, save everything you have.

I got backups for my backups, no more losing anything for me LOL


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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

Glad I am not the only one with this problem i transferred a few items to another of my characters, a love thumper and fibber, I was in overlook picked them up and traveled to lynchwood to go get a sheriffs badge only to find I no longer had the fibber or love thumper which is a little bit of a let down as these items are only aquired once throughout the game.
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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

Yes, YES! This really made me angry when it happened.

I was playing the most recent patch, in The Beatdown. I was playing on a local account (no live), split-screen coop with a buddy of mine who has a live account, and was party leader. We spent a half hour farming the Bar Brawl for tokens to buy a pistol in the Torgue Shop (Double Penetrating Unkempt Harrold).

I finally bought it, and we left, travelling out through the beatdown to check other shops for more Item of the Days from Torgue vendors. I found a white shield in a dumpster, and thinking it was ammo, held (X) to pick it and all ammo near it up. What happened instead, is it equipped the shield over my blue Turtle Shield I had found for beating the Leviathan in Captain Scarlett's expansion. My blue Turtle Shield was gone, vanished from my inventory.

We continued to play the expansion, heading to Terramorphous Peak to try out luck against the raid boss, when I noticed I only had 3 weapons equipped. Upon checking my inventory, I noticed my brand-new Unkempt Harold was gone, and nothing was equipped in my 3rd weapon slot. It simply vanished, without any kind of trace or explanation.

That's a blue and a Legendary I lost in a matter of 30 minutes, and it has SEVERELY reduced my desire to ever play this game again. Why spend hours and hours farming for gear that could simply vanish without a trace in an instant? And seeing as I have no live account, there is nothing I can do to reclaim my lost gear.

I hope I've provided enough that somebody at Gearbox can get a clear idea of what's happening.

I play a level 50 commando.
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Default Re: Weapon Disappeared\missing from backpack

I figured I could list other glitches I've encountered while playing.

With my Commando, I've noticed that the skill which increases Assault Rifle mag size, doesn't always work unless you equip things in a certain order. For instance, I had a class mod that gave me +3 to that skill, and I invested a point to gain those skills. However, at first it only added roughly 10% to mag size, instead of the 40% I should have been getting.

I fixed it by unequipping the mod, and then re-equipping it, and suddenly the full 40% applied. Considering there's no way to view your overall benefits from skills, mods and shields, I have no way of telling how many other stats may be bugged like this.
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