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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

It was suggested I post this here. So....I am.

Subject: The absolute AWFUL chances of getting a Cobra Sniper legitimately in game.

The GearBox folks seem to be EXCELLENT businessmen.

You would think that they want to keep their customers happy, instead of frustrating them. And, at least to me....the Cobra is absolutely the funnest sniper in the game.

Happy customers = more people saying what a great game it is = more people buying game = more money for GearBox.

We have seen how easy it is for GearBox to fix and adjust things with hot fixes and even from Hammerlocks "Gear Up" weekend when the loot was falling left and right. Just lateley, the Luverpalooza (SP?) thing.

I don't understand why GearBox has not corrected the Cobra Drop rate. And share the love with the Cobra at least a little more than what is current.

It's just not a good business decision in my eyes. And it is certainly frustrating players. I would think an easy fix.

Please consider this!
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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

Make the melee weapons in the game actual items. Broken bottles, crowbars, swords, knives, sharp sticks, ect. The bladed guns are fun and all, but dress it up a little. Please.
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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

buff Maya.
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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

New idea for 6th character. Sorry if someone's already explored this idea. I haven't read anyone else's ideas, so I apologize in advance for any overlap.

My previous suggestion was a "Boba Fett" type character whose skill was a jet pack. Figured that would easy for Gearbox to do since jet packing enemies were in the first game and flying enemies are nothing new.

The sixth character could have an action skill that is a combination of the other characters action skills. Maybe it's random what they use or a specific combination (not perfect, but burrowing one signature property) based on the skill tree progression.

On the other hand, going for a unique skill, I think transformation would be fitting. It could be mechanical or a Siren power. They could resemble beasts from Pandora (thinking either Skag, Bullymong, or Thresher). Turning into a skag for increasing speed, maybe letting a friend ride you for bonuses. Bullymong providing brute force and offensive bonuses. Thresher for long-range and support bonuses.
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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

The drop rate for usable weapons is too low (not just orange)

Eridium becomes pretty useless after about level 30 pleas consider restocking Crazy Earl maybe with class mods

Figure out a better way to get us solo players involved online Maybe a list of online rules that players should follow and even a thread here that lists violators. There should be an honor code, even for vault hunters
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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

I'll just put this over here...

Carry a Flamethrower???
Krieg IS a Flamethrower!!!
New Wish: ACTUAL Flamethrowers and Ice Element in Borderlands 3

I heard they are going to nerf praying, might put a lock out timer on that. - Iceberg
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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

One of the things I like about BD2 is how your style of play can change drastically based on what player you have, what skill tree you design, what class mod you use, what relic you use, what gun/grenade/shield you use.. It's just awesome.

What's NOT awesome? Having no way to store all the class mods, relics shields and weapons you get!

Lets say you collect the legendary weapons, get a relic or two for each weapon of choice (ammo increase, damage increase), 5 or 6 shields that drastically change the way you could play, at least 5 or 6 class mods built for totally different skill trees... lets say you decide to play with all corrosive, shock, explosive, fire or slag weapons (at least 6 weapons plus grenade mod) for each different element... we are talking dozens and dozens of spots needed to store all this stuff. Instead, while I'm running around with an all fire class and i finally find that level 50 purple shock shotgun I need to complete my shock class.. do I really have to drop the level 50 purple corrosive sniper that took me 2 months to find???

There just hassssss to be a better way.

I mean I just got to level 50 on playthrough 2.5 3 days ago and I have dozens of relics and class mods I'm dying to try... my bank is full (totally upgraded).. I've just BEGUN collecting legendary weapons (probably have about 7 or 8 orange items at this point) and I'm at the point where I have to choose between some new level 50 purple elemental weapon I've never seen before and some awesome level 50 purple relic or class mod I haven't even thought about setting up yet and I know if I drop it I could legitimately NEVER see it again.

If it's about hoarding too much money.. set a cap.

It it's about hoarding too many weapons to share between your characters at lower levels, which would make the game easier.. just drop the limit on storage for level 50 characters who beat TVHM.. This way people will still get the same great experience of 2 playthroughs with each character and then get to share the level 50 weapons for playthrough 2.5 and DLC's.

If it's about promoting trading.. this stuff is hard enough to come by, people will still trade.

If it's about keeping us playing in search of that thing we dropped 3 months ago for the weapon we dropped a week later.. just look at how well this game and the DLC's are doing.. people will keep playing because of the low drop rates and rare loot.. just give them somewhere to put it!

kind regards, sort of,


---------- Post added at 02:32 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:27 AM ----------

upon further review (the last 2 minutes) I really like the idea of no limit on the bank for characters who have completed the second playthrough in TVHM. At this point, the fun is more about trying out different weapons/mods/relics and all it would take is a dropped key from the warrior or something that makes the bank unlimited! I guess I could go search the cheat forums for some way to modify the bank but the key would be much more rewarding...
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Default Re: Why is the pacing of a level cap increase being influenced by casual players?

I can't imagine how frustrated I'd be to have leveled up all my characters and then have no good reason to play this awesome game!
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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by stewieX View Post
I would like to suggest that Gearbox Software port Borderlands 2 to Linux. Steam has only been available on Ubuntu since late last year, is still in Beta, yet it still commands a 1.12 percent market share and is growing fast. In comparison, Steam for Mac OS only has a 3.52% market share and has been available since 2010.

The Linux community has proven time and time again with Humble Indie Bundles that we are willing to pay for quality games and consistently pay more on average than other users of any other available platfrom. With the recent announcement that Steam is working on a console for the living room that uses Linux, there has never been a more compelling time to port games to it.
Originally Posted by Mivo View Post
While my gaming PC runs Windows, I have been using Linux on my previous laptop and my "secondary computer" for years. In the long run, I'd like to use Linux as a primary OS (again), since I prefer the greater freedom and the better control. So count me in as a potential buyer of Linux ports!

From an economical "right now" perspective, this may not seem overly lucrative (and may not be profitable), but with Steam's spearheading, there is a large pile of prestige and press attention waiting to be grabbed. And down the road, the money would follow.
I too would love to have a Linux port I no longer have a windows machine and have been buying many games through Steam lately. Someone at work has suggested Borderlands 2 is a great game. Its would be great to see a Linux port. Just to give some updated statistics the linux share is now already around 2% up from the 1.12% last month.
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Default Re: Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

Hey there,

here are my suggestions:

- nerf the TVHM for Singleplayers ... there are some annoying parts in the game where you/ I die too often

- a quick message what your buddies have looted ... My Buddie seems to be a Ninja in looting everything without takin a look onto, making a speedrun to the next Vendor and sell everything and i never see a part of it...Also he take ~5million cash from me after a thief attacks me in Pyro Petes Bar.... That was hardearned Money...

- Put MORE Story in the game = more Echoes.. I really want to know everything about Pandorra. At least i wanna know more about the Mini-Bosses, what happened to Pandorra a.s.o.

- Not Game Specific, but I think that this will be really nice ... A cartoon animated movie/shortcuts like the ones from Dead Space...I found it funny to see the gang fighting her way through Pandorra with all the fun and style that the game will include(maybe the story can be based between BL1 and BL2). Should be Multi 5 available with the original voices !? - MAKE IT HAPPEN -

- Least: Dont treat the Offline Players: Make Verm spawnable for Single/OfflinePlayer without messing with your savegames (difficulty Slider i.e.). Increase the drop Chances for those players, who have not the time to do the same Boss over and over again because they have to work or have a family but wants to get the "100%" of the game ...

that was just my 2 cents. If they will be a chance to get a chest or something where you can put in all the Quest Rewards and the unique Weapons to collect, that will be nice ... (Sry for bad english, translated as good as i can)

And last but not least:
Thanks for this great seems that this will be my WoW

Edit: More Claptraps. A lot more =)
Perhaps the 6th Character with awesome Skill like "Dance until you die"

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