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Default Borderlands Advanced Settings Tool

Some awesome person over on the steam forums created a really great advanced tool settings for the pc version of borderlands. I HIGHLY recommend people try it out.

Taken from the OP:

Hey all,

This is something I've been working on for a while to make changing the game settings a little easier.


Change Log:

03/01/2010 - v0.9.9 - Improved first time startup routine (nrnoble). Removed U-PnP. Some minor bug fixes.
02/03/2010 - v0.9.8 - Fixed zoom toggle. UI Update. More improvements to error handling
01/13/2010 - v0.9.7 - Added crouch toggle. General improvements to error handling
01/01/2010 - v0.9.6 - New Features: Lite stand-alone (No installation required), Auto update
12/30/2009 - v0.9.4 - Fixed startup crash when Aniso filtering was set to off
12/25/2009 - v0.9.3 - Initial Release

- Windows XP/Vista/7/2008
- .Net 3.5 Runtimes Link
- Borderlands Installation

Download Here

Q: The tool crashes on start up. Help! What do I do?
A: Guess what, you are probably not the only one and I'd like to know why too so I can fix it!
Make sure you haven't edited your config files manually or else the tool will have a hard time figuring it out. Revert back to original stock game files or use reset to default in game options. If you are stll having issues follow the instructions bellow:
1) Find your config files under My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config
2) Zip them and and upload them to SendSpace or any other site and PM or post the link here.

- Tweak game settings outside the game
- UPnP port forward setup script with error handling
- Backup/restore
- Custom INI parser with error handling

Toggle engine features:
- Ambient Occlusion
- High Quality Bloom
- V-Sync
- DX10/Physx *Experimental
- Startup movies bypass
- Adjust FOV
- Mouse smoothing
- In-game Voice Chat
- Console
- Zoom toggle
- Scroll Wheel
- Loot view distance
- PhysX *Experimental
- Remove frame rate limit
- Remove outlines
- Show/hide HUD
- Show/hide FPS
- Loading screen

The tweaks are based on various community posts so hats off to the respective people that found the tweaks.

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