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Default Title Update 1.41 - Updated 10/27 (Formerly known as 1.50)

Players can expect Title Update 1.41 to be released sometime in October November. (Formerly known as 1.50) Update 10/27: The Title Update is finished and in the process of being reviewed for launch. We are almost green lit across the board for this free update to be launched, but we still need just one more light to turn green. Please see link below.

This update will be FREE for all customers of Borderlands. Everyone will be receiving a level cap increase of 8 levels which will bring Knoxx owners to 69 and Non-Knoxx owners to 58. Likewise content for all of the original game, DLC1, DLC3, and DLC4 will be scaled for end game users so they go back and explore their favorites parts of Pandora as well as fight enemies that will level with you up to 58 or 69. Scaling will also effect weapon drops to the new level cap with the exclusion of COM Decks.

Once we have more information regarding the exact release date of the Title Update - I will let everyone know.

Happy Hunting!

Update 10/12 - This is in final stages of QA right now.
Update 10/18 - Update is in certification.
Update 10/27 - Please visit for new info on the update!

Read more about the update here:

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