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Default setting up online chat settings on PS3, NAT type 3/2/1

ok so short and sweet

i am having problems getting my ps3 hooked up online.
i live in MN. i have Frontier. My router/modem combo is a Siemens Gigaset SE 567 (looks very very outdated)

i have my desktop downstairs, laptop upstairs, and ps3 downstairs across the room from desktop. at any given time i can keep the desktop connected no problem, because that is the only thing that has a wire from router/modem to back of the computer tower. the laptop cuts out alot but i really only use for music, no biggie.

my PS3 is connected to the internet, that i know cuz of netflix and i can play online. but im stuck with a NAT type 3. i have tried enterering everything Frontier gave me when they hooked it up multiple times, nothing.

Do i need a new router? or a modem? is it something with the setting on the PS3 i did wrong.

ive done some research and ive read multiple different things but networking to me is another language. ive heard ports, bridging, NAT type, UPnP, router, modem, wirelesss, wired, its all jibberish to me.

basically can someone just link something or put it in 12 year old language for me, what i need to do to be able to get NAT type 1 or 2 all while keeping everything in my house connected to the internet?? please *bangs head against work desk*

thanks for reading and any help

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Default Re: setting up online chat settings on PS3, NAT type 3/2/1

NAT type 1 means connected straight to modem, no router, no firewall.
NAT type 2 means connected to router, has firewall and security.
NAT type 3 means that you may have actually a type 2 setup but your bandwidth is low.
What kind of connection is it DSL or broadband?
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Default Re: setting up online chat settings on PS3, NAT type 3/2/1

to try to fix this you need to be able to access your routers software, usually by having a computer connected to it and the internet active to that computer through the router. some use the web browser to access the router usually by typing into the address bar or and then hitting enter and you hopefully will get the router page you are looking for to make changes to. Did that gain you access to the router? if it did then the default user is Admin and the pass is Admin, and yes Capital A on both. if that didn't allow you access to the router look it up on the internet, there are alot of people having problems partially due to that router, but mostly due to what Frontier, your ISP is doing. If you are running the PS3 wirelessly then when you get into the router try changing the wireless channel usually a number from 1 to 11. my suggestion do not use automatic and try different settings until you get the hghest signal strength and the NAT setting to type 2. Also when in the router you should be able to do port forwarding but this will only work as long as you know what IP address the PS3 is using and having the router use DHCP to auto set the IP address will cause problems with port forwarding because the IP address resets each time you log your PS3 into the router using this setting.
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Default Re: setting up online chat settings on PS3, NAT type 3/2/1

go into your ps3 network settings and set them manually. like for instance....
Subnet mask 255.255.255
Default router or , Whichever got you into the router.
DNS or , whichever got you into the router.
Mtu = Automatic

of course these settings are for wired or wireless but there are more settings like SSID and password keys for your router if used wirelessly. If wired check the playstation site for more info also to get the list of ports to forward for the router to the PS3, To your manually configured IP address of your PS3.
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Default Re: setting up online chat settings on PS3, NAT type 3/2/1

I just signed up to make a comment about the PS3 NAT Type 3 and the Gigaset SE567 Modem/Router and Frontier ISP, because this site is currently on the first page of google search for this problem.

The previous poster is absolutely correct for most people with this problem with this modem/router. It may say "NAT TYPE 3" but you most likely have a NAT TYPE 2 and it just shows NAT TYPE 3 because you have low bandwith. You should still have the chat options for your PS3 and be able to connect to plenty of gamers. There is no reason to go INSANE over this and get another router and do a bridged connection just so your PS3 will say NAT TYPE 2. It's not going to improve your service.

What will help is if you enable your DMZ to what ever your IP address your modem/router is assigning to your PS3. Your PS3 will still show NAT TYPE 3, don't worry about it. If you have multiple connections to your modem you can only enable the DMZ for 1 device at a time. So, if you got a PS3 and 360 for example, you will want switch this depending on what one your using. Also, if your modem resets it may assign a different address to your PS3 or 360 than it was before. You can do a quick search to enable your DMZ, it's not very hard. This will allow you to host games where a lot of bandwith isn't necessary. Just let the matchmaking decide if you can host or not and of course you can use ping ratings if the game shows these. Don't try to go hosting games like shooters or racing games because you just don't have enough bandwith to do this.

PS, I'm sorry mods if i broke any rules just joining up to post this, but us gamers are crazy creatures and something like this can drive us nuts. I know it did me.

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