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Default PC Interface / Options Suggestions and Wishlist

Hey everyone,
Id like to hear your suggestions for PC "Options" and other PC specific interface niceties that you'd like to see in Borderlands 2!

Please remember that this is all blue sky, but rest assured we'll be putting a lot of effort into properly supporting our PC customers for Borderlands 2, so I want to gather as much information as possible from our community.

Thanks a lot!
Jason Shields
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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Wishlist

What I absolutely DONT want is an obscenely large window popping in my face while playing, when a friend sends a game request. It is pretty annoying and quite like Apple's iPhone notifications. Please make it a small window in the corner which doesn't disrupt the game.

<rant_incoming>for the love of god please listen to this poor insignificant admirer's comments: don't go down the MMO path. BL was good how it was, which is better than MMO in all aspects. Make it better and by that I mean more better at playing than better at being pretty<rant_ends>

The idea is to fu*ck sh*t up on a level sh*t has not been fu*ked up before

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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Wishlist

Not sure if this applies here, but it is related to pc use interface and interaction...

I'd love to see a way to switch to a over the shoulder or right on the shoulder 3rd person view. Borderlands has a beautiful art style, and if I recall this was easy to do with some very simple code changes in the first game.

In addition, please have it support a gamepad such as a wired 360 controller. Perhaps a small aim assist too if the game dectects a gamepad.

Sorry if this isn't what you meant by PC interface/options.

Also, you may want to sticky this topic...
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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Wishlist

Graphics options wise, I think Borderlands handled that very well. Though, I would like the addition of an AA option... or an AF one.
Also, a FOV option is a nice addition. It's not a must have one IMO, but it can be useful.

I do think the options menu itself could be better setup then how it was in Borderlands. Having the audio and video settings in separate areas would be a plus. Also, I'd say the options menu for DNF nailed it pretty well.
Standard settings... advanced settings. But no scrolling up or down.

As for the user interface in game... yeah, that needs work over what was used in Borderlands. It'll be something I'll put some thought into before posting about though.
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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Wishlist

Although I do appreciate how the HUD is mostly minimal in 1, a few things could be added, like a mini map or the ability to track quests that are in the same area. Maybe also have a second XP bar to track weapon proficiency for the weapon type you have equipped.
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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Wishlist

First of all, thank you for asking! I appreciate that.

Here's my list:

- minimalistic approach to HUD/ UI - we're playing on monitors at high resolutions, we don't need huge "in your face" icons, fonts, windows or interface elements

- FOV option in the settings - it's been recently implemented in DNF and it's a BRILLIANT addition. I'd love it if it became a standard, why force us to edit ini files or resort to fan-made applications/hacks?

- "mouse smoothing and acceleration on/off" option. Please don't force console-oriented leftovers on us. Mouse support should feel as awesome as in Quake games, which NAIL keyboard/mouse controls.

- toggleable "Press E to do sth" on-screen button prompts. I honestly hate those, they're especially intrusive in DNF, so please don't make that mistake again and let us turn them off completely. Also, at default, at least make them tiny and hidden somewhere at the bottom of the screen.

That's all I can think of now, thank you if you've read this.

Oh, lest I forget, something somewhat related to the PC version - please please no mandatory Steamworks.

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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Wishlist

Get rid of Gamespy
Support steam
Keep shift+click as an option to transfer items instantly between bank and inventory or to sell items.
Get rid of confirmation boxes when selling items. Maybe make shift+click sell without confirmation boxes.

More a general thing, but maybe make new items you pick up listed at the top of your inventory list. Everything you picked up since the last time you opened your inventory would be at the top of the list, and then go back to their normal positions upon closing and opening the inventory again.
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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Wishlist

Thank you Spaceman!!!

As we all know the PC age is coming back, more and more people are getting pc's and more developers are showing support for the pc. This for this game to have proper pc support in this era, is priceless.

We absolutely need a full point and click interface for the options menu, sound, graphics and control scheme.

Allow full support for in game menu as well, BL1 had a good start, but it just felt ported for some reason when it came to the user interface of menus.

On top of that, we need full support for things like AA, ambient occlusion, FOV selection, Refresh rate selection, Option to turn Vsync on and off, Triple buffering, post processing etc.

Pretty much look at a valve game's graphics options and do that.

The key for PC gamers is OPTIONS. Everyone's computer is different, so we need the options to fine tune the game to run on our systems smoothly.
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aether seraph
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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Suggestions and Wishlist


this forum has been one of the most awesome places on planet earth... have you seen the stuff these guys have been doing??? you gotta make sure they can do this with official support in BL2...

srsly we love your game! what better way to say "u guyz r awesome" than resleasing an official ily from gearbox (editor)

p.s. im a console player... i dont even get to enjoy this stuff cept for ogling it on the forums... its that friggn awesome!
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Default Re: PC Interface / Options Suggestions and Wishlist

Wow, just the fact that a gearbox employee made this thread at all impresses me. Thanks for caring *wipes tear.

When I first put in Borderlands, I clearly remember thinking, "awful console port." Honestly I don't feel that way anymore, so I don't know if I was just too picky or if I've just gotten used to the problems or if you fixed some of them. But here's a few I remember:

1. On some windows, I had to do pgup/pgdown to scroll. I couldn't use my scroll wheel. That definitely felt console port-ish.
2. This probably isn't PC exclusive, but a difficulty slider would be much appreciated. I get a lot of downloads of my 4-player memory hack so I think the demand is there for average joes, not just the obsessed people here on the forums. The fact that you can get awesome guns in borderlands means that sometimes it just gets too easy, and we'd like a way to compensate for that while also being rewarded somehow (via loot, preferably) for playing on the higher difficulties.
3. An official supported version of the gearcalc (in-game or out) would be AWESOME.
4. When farming craw, after a while the game crashes because of all the loot. Hopefully there are similar bosses in BL2, but I'd like a way to clear out all the loot left on the ground so I can keep farming.
5. In BL we spend a *lot* of time looking at garbage loot. Make this easier or faster.
6. A lot of people hated the driving controls. If I recall, they were very similar to HaloCE so I felt right at home. I don't feel a change is necessary here but I think I'm in the minority.
7. Voice chat should be push-to-talk
8. Text chat should work (it works on some systems, not on mine. I have to write what I want in the console.)
9. Hopefully in BL2 you can do something about the DLC fast travel mess. It was most people's biggest complaint about DLC 3.
10. A full-screen, windowed mode without a border (like TF2) would be great. We PC players like to alt-tab and check our e-mail while we're respawning :-)
11. I know that this is probably a 2k thing, but if you do SecuROM on retail versions, please don't include SecuROM on the Steam versions. There were LOTS of people who couldn't activate their Steam versions of the GOTY because of SecuROM. Having the game freeze until you alt-tab out and enter in your activation code just isn't the right way to do DRM.
12. Ditch gamespy. When BL released, none of the 4 or 6 of my friends that bought it could actually get co-op working except through gameranger. It's better now, but still a pain. I'd prefer steamworks with dedicated servers but I know that's probably considered overkill for a 4-player co-op game.

Again, thanks for asking. I know some of my suggestions weren't PC specific, and I recognize most of them either don't apply or aren't feasible. But I appreciate being asked anyway.

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