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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

Mini Claptrap bobblehead.

Needs a fancy-pants box. The Starcraft2 and DNF boxes are good examples of things you do not want to throw away.

Also, any chance you could throw in a Crimson Lance shirt or something? I print decals on shirts for a living, and while my personal unofficial Lance shirt is pretty awesome, an official one would be fricken sweet.
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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

Please, steelbook. Not enough companies bother with them, but they are the #1 thing I like to see, they feel so much nicer to have. Steelbook inside a sleeve with room for some other bonuses is fine too (like Halo Wars & Mass Effect 2 did).

On the other hand, please NO huge crate with a statue inside. Way too many of those on the market now. I much prefer something that will actually fit on a shelf.

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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

A statue of the four new vault hunters with a claptrap in the center would be amazing as a main item. The red chest box idea is great too.
Otherwise, some other physical item, like a BL symbol necklace, the full artbook and OST.
And then for digital content, keep it to in-game stuff, like a couple extra inventory spaces, or a unique gun for each character that can't be picked up by anyone else if it's dropped.
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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

How about Mikey Neumann finally make good on his pre-order bonus promise from Borderlands 1 and finally play the game with me? I kept contacting him for when we could play and he never responded. I sent a picture of my pre-order receipt, he even asked for my online name, and yet he never played with me. Mikey, are you even reading this?
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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

Personally I'm in agreement with most of the ideas already posted:

- Red Weapon Chest style box that holds the game and other items

- Free DLC content such as some rare weapons, or maybe a secret area or questline that you can complete

- An art book, but it would have to actually BE a good sized book (100+ pages). Bonus points if it was compiled or had written notes in a perspective from one of the characters in Borderlands (Claptrap, Marcus, etc)

- A comic book prologue that tells us what the characters of Pandora have been up to before BL2.

The Behind the Scenes with Claptrap videos still remain one of the great, most entertaining ways to promote the game I have seen. In following with that, a DVD with a BL2 equivalent would be awesome, especially if it also followed the other characters' thoughts and opinions that are in the game.

-Finally, someone came up earlier with a Claptrap Clock idea. Instead of just a Claptrap statue, a Claptrap and Steve statue clock or timer that shouts "HEEYYOOO!!!" when you set it to go off. Not only is it a fond reminder of all the awesome times BL has brought to us, but it would also serve a purpose!
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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

An artbook would be okay, but what would really encourage me to purchase a CE copy of the game would be a Marcus guns catalog. Something authentic looking, with at least a small cross-section of possible gun combinations that would show up in the actual game, complete with prices. Maybe even some silly looking paper order forms in the back of the catalog. I would be overjoyed to keep something like that on my shelf next to my tabletop roleplaying weapon manuals.
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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

What makes a good collector's edition?
In order of importance:

Not making it exclusive:
To specific countries (see Killzone 1 and 2, and so many Zelda games it makes me cry)
To the press (see so much stuff it's insulting, they even get money...)
To contest winners or people who already own the game and are awesome at multiplayer (see Uncharted 2)
To a specific console (when it's a multiplatform title) or in extremely low quantities/high cost (see Dead Space)
To anyone who wanted it, to the point where it cost 1/4 the amount shortly after launch (see Halo 3: Legendary Edition)

Metal box to hold the discs
Shapes must be pressed into it to give it some depth/texture (see any metal box)
Low number of colors is fine, and actually looks better (See Halo 2 or Doom 2 versus Resident Evil 4)
No metal box = not really a collectors edition (see Halo 3 and Reach: Legendary Editions or Fable 2)
And for God's sakes, don't put tape on the cardboard! (see Halo Reach: Legendary Edition, God of War 3: Ultimate Edition, COD Black Ops: Prestige Edition)
A cardboard slipcover for a normal case is just pathetic (see Fable 2)
And it has to be an actual opening disc case, not a box with a lid like Prey or Gears of War
And it has to be about the same height as regular disc cases, width on the other hand is not an issue
Cardboard box or a clear plastic slipcover
The box is to hold the metal box and anything else small that comes with the game (see Gears of War 2)
The slipcover is for the metal box and adds the console's logo, back details and maybe some more color to the front (see Halo 2 or Doom 3)
DO NOT USE A FLIMSY CARDBOARD SLIP COVER!!! Especially on large boxes, they are very fragile (and thus wear down quickly/almost immediately) and a pain to get on or off. (see: Halo Reach/3 Legendary Editions, Cabella's Dangerous Hunt 2011, UbiSoft's BattleTag)

Hardcover manual or art book
A ribbon for the bookmark is a nice touch (see Lunar 1/2)
Color is a must (as it should be for EVERY game)

Soundtrack and/or Making of disc
In an actual disc case (or inside the metal box), not a damned paper sleeve
A soundtrack typically requires no real extra effort since you already have music for the game, so there is no real reason not to throw one in
Extra content
This includes extra levels, classic versions of games
ON DISC! see Perfect Dark Zero and Doom 3.
DO NOT MAKE IT A DOWNLOAD CODE/VOUCHER, those have no collector's value and in many cases don't work properly (See Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Halo Reach: Legendary Edition)
The perfect examples of why collector's editions should not include downloadable/digital content:
Splinter Cell: Conviction CE cheapened by defective USB drives, Fable 2 CE missing DLC codes to be emailed by Microsoft
Weapon skins are not an acceptable collectible. That makes you a walking target online and makes it seem like you're bragging.
Typing in 30 digit codes is not fun (See XBOX360)
Mutliplayer content is only ok if the content is available for purchase for those who didn't get the collector's edition. Multiplayer stuff is no good if only a few people can use it.

Something medium
Like Lunar 2's pendant, Growlanswer Generations watch, ring and keychain, Robotech's t-shirt, etc

Something small
Little paper things like the photo in Gears of War 2, holograms in Growlanswer Heritage of War, standees from Lunar, posters, cels, etc
These things I don't really care about at all

Something big
While this is not needed, it typically makes it an instant buy for me, sometimes even if it's a game I don't want (see Night Vision goggles for Modern Warfare 2)
Hell, there is an NBA game with a big metal locker that I want. But it's just too crappy of a game to buy.
Halo 3: Legendary Editions Master Chief Helmet and GTA4's metal lockbox are the perfect examples of something big.
A novelty controller is the best, just don't make it a knockoff of the standard one. Be unique. Keyword is novelty, not a skin/color
And for pete's sakes, if it uses batteries, either use a commonly available rechargeable (ie: 360 controller battery pack, PSP/DS battery) or include some. Nothing is a bigger killjoy than batteries not included

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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

Oh, also two tiers of Editions would also be a good idea, like Halo, Gears of War, etc. You can have the middle level with the steelbook, artbook, Gun catalog, and/or other smaller stuff. Then you can have the hardcore, all-inclusive numbered Limited edition with all the large physical item goodies.
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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

- Steelbook
- Soundtrack
- In game fun weapons like a Revolver with PENG! flag or a Watergun to just wet the shirt of the Sirens^^
Also somethink for my Rack like Bookends

And This should be the PAcking incl. Green LED!!!


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Default Re: Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions

My suggestion:

- Pressed metal case shaped like a Claptrap or weapons chest for the game itself.
- Art book.
- Official strategy guide.
- Soundtrack / making of disc with promo videos inc BL1 vids.
- In-game content on disc such as extra missions or a special vehicle.
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