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Default FXAA not working

Trying to get the anti-aliasing to work with DNF, however, FXAA still looks jaggy. Even if I slowly turn the camers, it's almost as if the FXAA setting means no antialiasing, because the edges of stuff is all jagged still. I tried forcing supersampling/multisampling, and the game was missing a lot of textures when I loaded into My Digs (for example). When I went back to FXAA, it seemed to work, but there wasn't any antialiasing.

I had issues with other Unreal based games (eg. Mass Effect 2), but I was able to apply MSAA/SSAA to them, but DNF doesn't seem to let you override it's settings.

Request a fix, or at least something where we can override the FXAA setting and use MSAA/SSAA instead.

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