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Default failed to load package "menumap"


i just bought borderlands on steam and as soon as i tried to run it, it crashes with this error message:
(its not my pic, i just found it on the internet as i cant upload it atm)

i restarted steam/my comp several times, deleted borderlands and downloaded it once again without success.
i installed microsoft visual (

i checked the files via steam (not sure how its called in english) if there are any errors but nope, no errors. i also deleted the borderlands.exe and let steam reload it but it didnt helped either.

my specs:

win 7 64-bit
ati hd 5850
4gb ram

i tried to get a newer version of these two .dlls that are mentioned in the message, but its not possible to change one of them. so yeah i have no idea how to fix that problem :/

any ideas?
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Default Re: failed to load package "menumap"

i finally managed to solve my problem.

1. i deleted all my microsoft visuall version and installed the 4 that are mentioned in this thread:

2. i switched borderlands language to english

3. i have to get rid of the "write-protection" of my steam order everytime before i want to start the game.

after all these things the games runs just fine without any crashes =)
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