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Default i have a few?

will the game twist as you do or not do somethings like get harder or easier [open a door or close one etc ...or worst to come to you later in the play ??....this racketing would be nice
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Default Re: i have a few?

It sounds like you're describing a sort of AI director. No idea. Probably not.
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yo ushould learn more english.
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Default Re: i have a few?

I think it would be a nice introduction. It would give the game a much needed breath of life from the scripting and would add replayability.
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Default Re: i have a few?

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Default Re: i have a few?

Originally Posted by Boo View Post
that and great thread title

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Default Re: i have a few?

I guess this thread isn't going anywhere so it may as well be closed.

A tip for the original poster in the future is to give your thread titles a better, more descriptive title so that other forum users have some basis for discussion, and know what the thread is about before clicking it. Also the thread contents could really have been a bit clearer too.

*thread closed*
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