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Default Gold Loot Chest

I'm sure people have already seen this, but I couldn't find a thread about it anywhere (although I didn't search very hard.) Anyways, I hadn't noticed it before, but in this video here

You can see the golden chest in the background which is in the sanctuary.
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Default Re: Gold Loot Chest

The gold chest is what is unlocked with the golden key for anyone in the Premiere Club:

It's beyond me why no one sells the dang thing. IT'S GOLD!
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Default Re: Gold Loot Chest

Yes, I believe there are more golden chests scattered throughout pandora. The one in sanctuary can only be unlocked with a golden key from the pre order. I believe there are more keys that you can find.
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Default Re: Gold Loot Chest

If the chests are randomly generated loot but gold keys will be available later though rare, it would be a nice bonus for people who preorder and use the golden key for the sanctuary chest they got more golden keys as loot. As players explore and find more golden chests they can open those without being stuck and shifting their attention to getting more golden keys when they should be playing the game.
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Default Re: Gold Loot Chest

Welcome to the forums. There's a lot of excitement about the chest... please continue this discussionn here:
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