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Default E-Tech vs Legendary?

First off, I love the new Eridian weapons, they're "freaking dope!" I've only used one thus far and unfortunately it actually wasted my ammunition. I remember the main appeal from Borderlands 1, at least for me, was that they never required ammunition, are they all this way or just the one I came across?

Another difference from Borderlands 1 is that Eridian weapons now have their own specific rarity color, dark-pink. How do these unique weapons compare against a Legendary (orange) weapon in terms of stats? Or maybe, the fact it's some what a shade of Purple, it's more closely related to the Purple (rare?) weaponry, if so, how do they tend to compare in regards to stats?
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Default Re: E-Tech vs Legendary?

It seems that every e-tech weapon has enhanced capabilities, but uses 2 ammo per shot. They are more common than Legendary, I've found 3 e-tech but no legendaries yet. They seem to be between blue and purple in quality, based on selling prices and their capabilities.

Level 36 Zer0
Level 24 Axton
Level 36 Gaige

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Default Re: E-Tech vs Legendary?

I got an E-Tech out of the Golden Chest. It's amazing, it's a hot-pink rarity.
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