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Old September 21st, 2012, 11:13 PM   #41
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Default Re: Borderlands 2 is so frustrating :( {{{Potential spoilers}}}

I think I maybe cracked the nut as for why some of us are having a hard ass time while others are breezing through. It's just a theory (as I don't have any hard proof), but it seems to come down to level scaling and mission tags.

The problem seems to be that every zone and mission has an inherent level that gets scaled up or down depending on the character level. Also, quest levels seem to get labeled based on your level when you pick them up. This means you can have a quest in your log that is labeled lvl 22 and it's way harder than a quest you have labeled lvl 28.

When you enter a zone that is naturally higher level than you all the enemies will be scaled down, but they will be scaled down to about your level or higher. Same thing goes for entering a lower level zone, they will be your level or lower. Looking at the XP rewards of quests seems to be a better indicator of their actual difficulty.

I base this on the fact that I just gave up on an area I had been struggling with and went to other areas with higher level missions, only to discover all the enemies were lower level there and I was just breezing through the missions.

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Default Re: Borderlands 2 is so frustrating :( {{{Potential spoilers}}}

Dude driving is the best part in this game.
When im in co op mode, I always try to get the handle.
Also, did you say you've seen 13purples? dude, i've seen less than 10 purples and im 25 lol
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Old September 22nd, 2012, 06:20 PM   #43
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Default Re: Borderlands 2 is so frustrating :( {{{Potential spoilers}}}

They sure amped up the difficulty. They said solo-ing was still possible, much like 1, but I call lies. I set on to rescue R. with 5k cash and lost all of that plus all my looted money during that questline in the last part against the bot. A level 15 shouldn't have such a difficult time on a level 12 mission. It's no longer fun, it's downright frustrating.
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Old October 29th, 2012, 03:58 AM   #44
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Default Re: Borderlands 2 is so frustrating :( {{{Potential spoilers}}}

I can say .... Playthrough 1 was a walk in a park for me, I have problems only few times per a playthrough. I only needed help from other player with second timed delivery mission, with cyrcles of slaughter and with taking down the Jacks statues (in that case i simply cant defend a robot in solo mode long enough), but every of these missions i have accomplished with only one of my friends and we both was playing Zero. I ended up 1st Playthrough (including completion of Pirate DLC) about level 37. On that level everything in Pt1 was pretty easy for me.

The more suprising was the beggining of Pt2 for me. Especially fights with regular Bandits, there are more types of them in Pt2 then in Pt1. Especially Armored psychoes are particularly annoying - i can stand only few axes thrown at me . And Ribded Skags or hows their name are pain in butt too ... think that i can easily shoot them only from a vehicle, facing them face to face is like to face Capra demon in Dark Souls prematurely ... you cant run away from them, they are too fast and their charge attack depleats my shield on one shot, next attack from them is equal to death.

So I think the only way out to play on Pt2 just fine is to go co-op or try to find some Pt2 "blues" or "violets" for example by playing the slot machine at Sanctuary. Because my lvl 35 weapons (violets and yellows) from Pt1 are pretty weak on Pt2 enemies (even if they are lvl 32-35). On Pt2 regular not-badass bandit killer can stand about 6-9 shots from Fire elemental Sniper rifle with base damage about 1500 with 500/s fire dmg.
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Old October 29th, 2012, 06:09 AM   #45
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Default Re: Borderlands 2 is so frustrating :( {{{Potential spoilers}}}

Player vs enemy level has no effect on damage taken or given. It's all in the face value of the weapon/shield (with BAR, elemental, relic and COM modifiers ). Overleveling actually hurts you when certain areas scale to player level and you're under-equipped.

"Get better gear" some of you have been saying. WHERE?? Vendors scale to story level and usually have one decent item in it (sometimes for other characters). By killing enemies?? THAT'S WHAT WE'RE HAVING TROUBLE DOING IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Just scale Sanctuary's vendors to player level and now I can overlevel and reduce the difficulty myself without having to add a slider.
Lusio ergo sum.

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Default Re: Borderlands 2 is so frustrating :( {{{Potential spoilers}}}

Originally Posted by TwiClipse View Post
The only hard part i've had so far was on the mission where you have to rescue roland the first time...

******* W4R-D3N
Just got past Bloodwing in PT2 and I still have yet to come across a boss fight that gives me a difficult time. Heck, so far I find boss fights easier then in PT1.

The only enemy that gives me trouble are Super Badass Threshers.
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