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Default Community Suggestions/ Feedback Thread

This is the place for you to post your suggestions for BL2, or 3...if it happens.

Tweaks to gameplay, loot ideas, difficulty levels, feedback, that kind of stuff. Keep it polite, no bashing of other people's ideas, it's an open thread so please don't try to censor each other. Infractions and post deletion will follow if you do. Gbx will read this, too, I'm sure, so if you have something that you think needs saying, do so here.


I'm also not saying that individual suggestions don't warrant seperate discussion threads, at all, but if you're intending on just raising awareness, please check here first.

TEH EPIC SUMMARY OF TEH GODZ (provided by the very lovely Iceangelfire, who has done me the hugest favour, that I hope to be able to return someday)

(An ongoing collation of what everyone has said so far)

Storage space:
More Storage space in all area’s including Bank, Backpack and Secret Stash space. Also raise the cap on Eridium.

More Eridium uses:
Slot machines that use Eridium and have better odds than the money slots, possibly having different items like class mods and artifacts.
Weapons, vehicles or character power-ups that cost Eridum to use.
Quest replay with eridium cost.
Inject eridium into Varkid pods to spawn better versions, or into yourself to revive yourself.

Rarity Balance:
Gun Appearance probability is too skewed: Balance the drop rate so that rare (blue, purple, orange) weapons appear more often among random enemies, chests and in vending machines.
Bring back the system where enemies can drop the actual weapon they are using.
Place more loot chests in the world, there are currently not enough.
Increase the appearance rate of rare enemies like Pimon, Tumba, Jenkinnnss and Vermivorous.

Difficulty Balancing:
Introduce some kind of difficulty slider to give some kind of control to the players.
Change the damage output of the enemies, stop one hit kills from regular enemies in TVHM.
Scale quests and areas to the current level of the player on all playthroughs.
Raid bosses should be more difficult
Solo needs tweaking, right now it is much harder than co-op

Weapon Variation:
More visual variation in weapons, add more parts to the pool (the body pool especially). Bandit weapons need to look more like they did in the concept art.
Mechanical variation: Increase cross manufacturer part sharing, letting some manufacturers break their unique styles and have more variety, also, please add more manufacturer specific quirks. E-tech weapons could also have more varied effects (flamethrower, beam gun etc.)
Upgradeable or lootable melee weapons, possibility of melee combos.
More guns inspired by community members and less crazy hard to read gun names
Consider adding an Ice element

Add a way to replay quests and reset TVHM to replay all missions, Slaughter domes especially.
Include some random missions or bosses that cycle daily similar to clash mob.
Make some character specific quests.

Echo Recordings:
Either include an option to replay Echo’s in the menu or have a fixed location to replay them.
Echo volume needs to be adjustable, ambient noise and gunfire drown out echo’s.

Badass Point System:
Randomize the selection instead of using algorithms, we want to choose how we are badass.
Add an option to respec our badass points.
Show requirements we fulfilled upon full challenge completion, add option to hide it from list.
Add more or infinite levels to the badass challenges.
Add more badass stats like: Ammo regen, action skill cooldown/duration, weapon swap etc.

Graphical tweaks:
We want Dismemberment among human enemies; even an option to turn it on would work.
PC functionality need improvement, menus especially could use more natural control schemes.
Offer different options for how inventories display (grid, list, classic, more sort options etc.) also please add an option for flat view menus.
Add a third person camera view.
More options for crosshair view (a dot in the center, customization etc.).
Visual feedback to let you know you are low on health, similar to COD’s blood on the screen.

Requested Items:
Class mods or Artifacts: Ammo regen for all characters, more varied skill point bonuses on all different class mods, bring back Scavenger type class mods.
Shields that regenerate health.
Armor loot that reduce HP damage (weak to corrosive though)
Someone wanted a pet Skag in game.

Picking up items:
Larger radius for auto pick up, also include eridium, ammo and money from chests etc. in the auto pick up pool.
Auto unlock character customizations on pick up instead of having to manually unlock it.
Add an option to pick up items as trash, marking in the menus is tedious.
A toggle for the auto equip gun function

Save car preference including last used skin and weapon type.
More variation in vehicles: more vehicles and more variations on the current ones (weapons, more ramming damage) also a portable ATV type vehicle that could be used anywhere.
Add the option to be able to pick up items from inside your vehicle.

Stat visibility:
Make weapon zoom and recoil visible on the weapon card.
Have visible stats showing the effect of skills on weapons and shields. For example: Recharge delay=2.0(2.7-50% from quick charge skill)
Be able to see all personal stats: number of kills, bullets fired, fire damage dealt etc.

Extra Bosses and Enemies:
Add Butt-stallion as an enemy, also add zombies and more crystalisks.
More raid bosses.

Character-Specific Tweaks:
Zero: Add a longbow ability for deception to increase escape chance, tweaks to sniper tree (Critical ascension buff) and increase the effectiveness of melee.
Maya: Multiple things need balancing, especially phaselock on phaselock resistant enemies.
Axton: Grenadier skill could have grenade regen similar to Roland’s skill from BL1

Vending Machines:
Please include a fill all button for ammo, also consolidate the machines, especially in sanctuary.

General Sound:
Fix the sound balancing so that the voices are louder in comparison to the gunfire and ambient noise. Also prevent the echoes and voices from overlapping.

Add a toggle to stop accepted missions from overriding the current mission; also add options to hide missions or to follow multiple quests simultaneously.

Fast Travel Stations:
Integrate the fast travel stations and New-U stations and place more in the game world.

General Gameplay:
Add filters to choose optimal matches for matchmaking (based on level, mission progress etc.)
Bring back some kind of PVP arenas.
A way to stealth kill enemies.
Give the host more control over the mission selection, don’t allow guests to accept missions.

Firing Range:
Add more types of enemies to the firing range.

Loot System:
Introduce instanced loot system.

Golden Keys:
Display a prompt that confirms you are about to use your golden key.

Fight for Your Life:
Add aim down sights during FFYL, also make respawns cheaper

Skill Trees:
Add an extra skill tree for each character, include skill points as mission rewards.

Split Screen:
Option to make menu’s smaller and pause the gameplay while accessing menu’s

Showing Off
Include screenshot function for characters similar to the weapons screenshot
A safe way to display weapons to people in online lobbies.

PC Tweaks:

Future DLC:
Add another Armory to loot and increase the level cap.

Loot Midgets:
Actually let loot midgets drop loot instead of just ammo and cash.
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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

Yeah, so i've got a list of ideas.

1. Add an option that lets you replay all of the ECHO records found throughout the game, just like in the first game. It is very frustrating not being able to listen to the storyline, and all of the awesome puns and lines, whenever you feel like it.

2. Maybe make Vermivorous the Invincible a little (just a tiny bit) easier to spawn. At the moment a lot of players are frustrated from being unable to spawn him, whatever methods they use.

3 Guns. I would really like to see sme variation on the guns from Jakobs, Torque and Dahl.
-nearly all Jakobs guns have the "Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger" mechanic, which i believe is sad, when not all revolvers are actually supposed to be able to do this.
-A very large portion of the Torque manufactured weapons have extremely low bullet velocity, and close to all of them have the explosive elemental effect.
-one thing that has really irritated me, is that whenever i find an incredibly awesome AR or Sniper, the probability that the manufacturer is Dahl, is very high, which also means, that it WILL have "burst fire when zoomed", and in my opinion this breaks a lot of guns.

Don't get me wrong i really like all of the different aspects of the guns mentioned above, but i would REALLY like to see some variation in these different specs from the different manufacturers, and especially when the amount of different guns in this game, is supposed to be very high (78 Bazilions of guns).

4. Add the possibility to make your own skins in the steam workshop. I believe it would be extremely useful, awesome, and something to keep players coming back, and or continuing playing the game. The only issue i see, would be: what about the skins in-game? will they become useless and boring? and will you really be able to just make a skin in the Steam Workshop identical to the rarest skin in the game, import the skin, and bam. You have the skin? this easily?

At any rate, this game has FAR TOO MANY possibilities in the Steam Workshop, and i believe it would be a shame to just let it pass as an idea, as i am sure that i am not the only one who thought about this.

Hope my ideas get through to the awesome developers at Gearbox Software
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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

Thanks psychic!

Just going to throw some heavily commented items out there on the first page here.

General Gameplay

-More ways to spend eridium at later levels would be nice.
-More storage space would be helpful as well
-More transparent item boosts would be helpful. Below, I link to my maya thread where % shields is discussed in full, with our thories as to why. If this is correct, it would be beyond awesome if we could actually view the buffs that these items already *have* so we can adjust theorycrafting numbers accordingly. This has been heavily talked about, any confirmation/news would be helpful.
-This one is more personal, as in I haven't seen much discussion on it but um. Loot Midgets/Loaders/ETC... could they maybe... drop loot? Exploding for cash isn't great when you get "surpise midget badass" when opening a crate.
-I'd look around the forum for discussion on variours unnamed shields/shotguns that appear to be ah... well. "Excessively Prevalent" would be the nicest phrase I'd put it. Some kind of addressing on these nameless items would be nice.
-Many are having issues with TVHM. While I disagree with the majority of these posts, it might be worth your time to flip through some of them to see how valid you feel their complaints are.
-Solo balancing. While I don't agree with many comments about TVHM and its difficulty, seeing some of the threads around with individual bosses seems to indicate a very real divide in the solo/multiplayer experience. There are *multiple* challenges I've encountered that are impossible to finish on single player mode, and some bosses (W3RD3N especially) seem to bear huge mountains for the single player to pass where they have to have the correct element/gun damage, whereas co-op teams breeze past them with ease. This may be something to examine.
- Badass Bonus choices not random at all. This thread discusses it fairly straightforward.
- Adding a range finder for Marcus's weapon testing range. Could be great. I'd also like to add that at % health modifier would be nice here as well so that May and other "health dependant mods" could be accurately tested.

So thats my maya general concerns thread, which outlines a lot of the well... potential concerns. I'll throw some sparknotes down.

-Maya, more than any class requires skill time uptime for many skills. However, on bosses/raids, there is no skill time/uptime. Having these trigger on cast would be delightful.
- is a great thread outlining some kind of change for res for solo players.
-Various phaselock bugs noted across platforms
- The dream maya patch notes thread, just in case you get bored.
-Probably the most comprehensive discussion of Maya's problems to date, outlining the weakness of multiple elemental skills and situational abilities.


How I feel when I cast Phaselock Maya (72) |Deathtrap Gaige (50) |Turret Axton (50)/(50) |Decepti0n Zero (14) |Gunzerk Salvador (30)

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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

Yeah, feel free to add things that others have raised, that's the point, really. Get it in one place, gbx can read it, I hope it's useful for new members, too.
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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

Instead of new manufacturers being added in future DLC, I would like "body styles" of current manufacturer's weapons to be supplemented with new parts and designs. And heck, why not bring back the beer bottle scope.

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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

Butt Stallion as a raid boss - MAKE IT HAPPEN.
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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

I'll just go ahead and add ideas (mostly other forum users') that I would like to see in the game:

- More storage space.

Possibly more storage upgrades via Eridium/Black Market. And this brings us to...

- More ways to spend Eridium.

Some suggestions:

"Rigged Slot Machine" - a la black market for mods and such instead of weapons.

More powerful or uniquely effective (situationally perhaps) E-tech weapons that drain
Eridium instead of ammo.

Maybe a new vehicle class that can only be bought with Eridium (has an E-etch turret?).

Inject Eridium into pods to make them spawn one higher class of varkids?

E-tech shields/grenade mods/class mods that steadily or conditionally (depleted, 1 Eridium to recharge / if you don't have Eridium, it will take 3 times longer; becomes homing with Eridium, when you are out of Eridium, it is lobbed; etc.) drain Eridium.

Resetting quests. A large cost to reset a whole playthrough maybe?

- Ability to reset TVHM.

Possibly after you complete it. Resetting would allow all areas to be scaled for a Level 50 character. I could live with resetting of all the side quests instead of all quests but "all quests reset" would have been awesome. THis should be a matter of triggers / scripts. In BL we could do that externally - a clean, internal option would be very welcome.

- More loot.

Really, I am pretty sure the variations are there but I'm not seeing it. Some of the "rules" of creation or loot tables are bottlenecking the variety in the game. Weapon manufacturer novelty fades quite fast. This may be a pain to fix/change but I'm pretty sure with the naming conventions and such, a way to make it feel like there is more variety can be devised - at the very least.

- Echo records.

It might be too hard to implement a GUI change. I understand that. Maybe an additional place (comm tower) where you can view and listen to them could work? Add a new comm tower to Sanctuary with a small control panel and when clicked it just lists the echo comms found in the game.

- Steam Workshop Skins. (leymil's suggestion)

It would be wonderful to be able to add skins. I'm not sure if the devs would be open to publishing templates and guidelines and a way to compliance check the textures but it would be awesome. Of course, what would be dreamy is something that's not going to happen, ever - objects available to play with in ZBrush!!

- More use for cash

True to the feel of Borderlands, a good use of cash would be "the backroom" - pay a significant amount of cash to Marcus or Zed so they will give you access to their "premium stuff" (read, better items and better chance at rares). This would just be another way to "tip" - there could be tip boxes or stuff in their rooms or it could be just another button on the NPCs. If you pay enough (ddepends on level perhaps?) they give you access to "the backroom" and then to access it again (with renewed stuff) you'd need to pay another whopping amount of cash. To be clear, "the backroom" would be a vendor accessible only by paying a huge amount of cash to the relevant owner in Sanctuary. It is not a physical room I'm talking about so the whole thing is just a script update.

These, for now. Will add more if I spot stuff.


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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

Do another forum member name gun, like Skullmasher!
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Joey Deacan
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Default Re: Community Suggestions Thread

Online Stats

Eridium Processing Plant - Dunno what it could do havent thought that far ahead, maybe turns it into some sort of drugs that makes you superhuman for a short time.

Ability to replay missions - When you are stupid like me jump into a game a literally thety just finish it, now I have no idea what is going on.
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