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Default About tediores

I know it is a popular strategy with tediore guns to fire once then reload to deal big damage but I was wondering if I in some way boosted my magazine size (class mod,skill,relic)would I then do more damage ? as there would be more bullets in the clip when I reload and damage is proportional to bullets left.just wondering (I have the baby maker in mind )
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Default Re: About tediores

Don't see why not, and it would be easy enough to test. Might be something in the Loot & Weapons section on it?
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Default Re: About tediores

Improving the Magazine size of any Tediore Weapon Increase it's damage. Krieg can make great use of any Tediore weapon. Axton can too.
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Default Re: About tediores

Here's a great post to help understand how the damage is calculated.

Another great post by Afro_Samurai with a focus on Axton.
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