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Acting as a Gamer
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Default Pink Pandoracorn.

Has anyone else seen this skin? I'm fairly sure I picked it up off a Terra kill. I say pretty sure because my friend and I killed Terra and I was off-loading my excess drops for cash when I noticed it in my inventory. Didn't remember picking it up.
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Taking Action Skills
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Default Re: Pink Pandoracorn.

You get it for getting 15 orange loot items.
It's cute that y'all think you're the heroes of this little adventure, but you're not.

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The People's Gun
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Default Re: Pink Pandoracorn.

Yeah, I've also seen you get it from finding Jimmy Jenkins, can't confirm that though.

I for one think it's epic as hell
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Default Re: Pink Pandoracorn.

I got it today from "Nothing Rhymes with orange" challenge, 5th stage of course...
Need to pick up 15 orange weapons
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Ohh Akkkay
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Default Re: Pink Pandoracorn.

I'm using it right now.
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