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Default Slot Machines driving me crazy

Been trying to get the achievement for the vault symbol jackpot. 3781 rolls (calculated by how much total money I've spent divided by the cost of using the slot machine) over the course of 6 or so hours today. My level 9 character now has every black market upgrade, and has since picked up enough eridium from the slots to buy them all twice more. I got all the badass ranks for picking up white, green, blue, and purple weapons.

No vault symbol jackpot. Between this and farming the Warrior and Terramorphous hundreds of times each to no orange loot drops (besides Terra's class mods), I'm starting to think the game is just trolling me for the lulz.

Yes, the programming of the game itself became sentient and decided its purpose in this world would be to annoy the hell out of me. This explanation seems more rational to me than an explanation where the devs made it possible that the player go unrewarded for sinking over 6 hours of time into staring at fictional slot machines. I am basically playing an excel spreadsheet right now, and the completionist in me won't let me stop until I get that damn achievement.

Is there anything I can do to increase my chances? Somehow I doubt multiplayer affects the slot machines, but I'm getting kind of desperate at this point.

I don't want things to come easy, but I've put in way too much time to have received no rewards. I have already spent 57 hours and then some farming the Warrior and Terramorphous without getting a single orange drop. And now it seems attempting this achievement will be an equally futile endeavor. I'm not even having fun with this game any more. I'm sticking with it purely out of stubbornness, and that's not what I want. I want to enjoy the game again.
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

here it says the chances to roll a jackpot are approximately 0.04%

so just keep spinning

yeah chances are low but that's because its the jackpot it's supposed to be really rare
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

I have put 15 million (at least) into BOTH machines in Sanctuary and I don't think I have seen an orange gun yet.
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

There's been research done on the topic on other forums.

Originally Posted by TRB4 View Post
People have already found the EXACT odds of the slot machines by using Cheat Engine.

Here are the EXACT odds as dictated by the games coding:

1 in 4.9 (20.5%)= White Weapon
1 in 6.5 (15.4%)= Green Weapon
1 in 65 (1.54%)= Blue Weapon
1 in 669 (0.15%)= Purple/Pink Weapon
1 in 5461 (0.018%)= Orange Weapon
1 in 39 (2.6%)= Eridium
1 in 131 (0.8%)= Double Eridium
1 in 443 (0.23%)= Triple Eridium
1 in 4 (25%)= Money (Random amount)
1 in 13 (7.8%)= Bouncing Betty
1 in 20 (5%)= Skin
1 in 4.9 (20.5%)= Nothing

If you want the more technical information, here it is:

The slot machine uses a random number generator to choose a number from 0 - 32767 and has a predetermined outcome assigned to each range. These are the ranges:

0 - 6711 = White Weapon X-X-Head
6712 - 11745 = Green Weapon 3 x Cherries
11746 - 12249 = Blue Weapon 3 x Legs (NOT AN AXE)
12250 - 12299 = Purple/Pink Weapon 3 x Marcus
12300 - 12305 = Orange Weapon 3 x Vault (Jackpot)
12306 - 13143 = 3 x Eridium
13144 - 13395 = 3 x Double Eridium
13396 - 13470 = 3 x Triple Eridium (Jackpot)
13471 - 21860 = Money (Random amount)
21861 - 24377 = Boom 3 x Head
24378 - 26055 = Skin 777
26056 - 32767 = Nothing

So everyone can stop making massive spreadsheets of their winnings now.
Good luck!
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

I've been gambling very consistently since I started my character (LvL 35 now) and I have yet to get all three Marcus heads or all 3 vault symbols.

I'm keeping at it though, for whatever reason. In Diablo 2 I would blow so much money gambling that my friends would stop playing with my reckless ass. Nothing has changed here on Pandora.

If you need me you know where to find me...

PS: I also think that only 1 person can tip Moxxi for her gun per server session. My friend gave her 15k for it and immediately after I gave her up to 20k and nothing. So beware if you are trying to reroll her gun.
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

We had four people in the game and I dropped around 6mil and got one legendary pistol. I proceeded to throw in over another 10mil and only got one purple shotgun as my best outcome. Looking at the actual odds I must have been pretty lucky and I'm happy with at least getting one legendary to add to my collection.

All I can say is keeping running it as much as you can and try to have four players. If they don't increase the odds it still helps because if you sign in a dummy player you can trade over any money you picked up so you have a little extra to use.
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

!I actually just got my first jackpot today I got a conference call! Its only level 18 though, lol
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

I got 2 legendary weapons from the slots in around 10 spins altogether at level 20 in a party of 3.
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

I understand your pain! I sometimes throw a 'nade over in the area where the guys are playing darts with knives to release some of my anger, considering I've heard their dialog 2938475638291837474839291
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Default Re: Slot Machines driving me crazy

I found out that i could go hours rolling the slots and not winning but the moment i start tipping moxxi the's slot's start rolling DRASTICALLY HIGHER. And as long as i don't go too long without tipping her i will never go more then 45 mins without a JackPot. I have found this to be the case both multiple times as well as fairly consistently. This is how i am also able to get the Jackpot challenge for all my characters without too much time at all spent.
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