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Default How To Spawn Vermivorous

So I've cracked the theory of getting him to spawn, The videos on my channel in my Sig but I can't post a link to It here.

Step 1 - Preffered to have a Gunzerker and Siren, Must have "Come At Me Bro" and a Motion tree spec for the Siren, *This makes It so the Gunzerker can aggro all of them and when he gets hit to hard the Siren uses the Motion Tree build which will pull enemies together and make them attack each other.

Step 2 - All Four player should have "Blood of Terramorphous Relic", I know for a fact that this increases his spawn rate because after we stopped using them we could never get him to spawn.

Step 3 - Make sure you go to the farmhouse and have the Siren sit outside while the Gunzerker Tanks, When the Gunzerker is down have the siren throw out her crowd control and make them attack each other, You should then have 12.6 seconds to revive the gunzerker but I would say make sure you have the two other players as the Assassin and Commando.

Step 4 - I'll have a very detailed video up of this soon but next, You want to start working your way up to Super Badass, By that I mean get between 3-5 of the same type like 3 adults which will then evolve into a badass and so on. This has been tested by me and always works when I want to farm him.

Step 5 - After getting your ULTIMATE BADASS, This is the hardest part. You must now have the Siren sit with the Ultimate along with the other 2 players and aggro him to you on the farm house. Be sure to kill everything under a super badass or leave One super and the Ultimate Alive.

Step 6 - Now that your other 3 players have him the Gunzerker must go fetch some Buzzards, Buzzards are the Ultimates Favorite things to kill and It is a confirmed morph into Vermi. You need atleast 3-4 Buzzards 2 at minimum and lure them to the Ultimate.

Step 7 - Now you must let the Ultimate kill the Buzzards, Once he kills 2 or more usually between 3-5 for more he will evolve Into a Supreme, Which is Vermivorous.

*If you have any questions feel free to PM me on my YouTube down below, I'll also have the video featured where we kill him twice then we take off our relics.*

*Be assured that relics only increase the speed of him/chance of evolving greatly.

Siren - LvL 50 "Slayer Of Terramorphous"
Assassin - LvL 50 "Slayer Of Terramorphous"
Gunzerker - LvL 50 "Slayer Of Terramorphous"
Commando - LvL 50 "Slayer Of Terramorphous"
Mechromancer - LvL 50 "Legendary Mechromancer"

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Default Re: How To Spawn Vermivorous

blood of terra is not at all necessary(pretty sure it even doing anything has been disproved). other than that that method is what I use as well.
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