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Talking Legendary loot drop rates

Hey guys, so after poking around a bit the borderlands world, I started wondering what the exact pecentages were for the chances of getting certain items or any Legendary (orange) items from bosses, chests and the slots...
Anyone got any stats?

Item: Rapid Infinity
Boss: Doc Mercy
Area: Three Horns Valley
Drop Rate: 1.2%
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Default Re: Legendary loot drop rates

why did you make "2" threads about this? and in the wrong forum...? This should be in Weapons and Loot discussion...

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Default Re: Legendary loot drop rates

Duplicate thread. Locking. Also going to make tea. Which has nothing to do with this thread. I just like tea. I don't have any made at the moment so I'm going to make some. Uhm... yeah, I should go now.
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