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Default Hanging House in BloodShot Rampart

Played this game a few times with differing character...and went through the Bloodshot Rampart many times...

Noticed on the right of the map a hanging and swinging house.

Looked around saw things i could climb up...and unlike other places on this are allowed up there.

I found at the point right before i jumped to the swinging house two chairs and what looks like a teddy bear with 3d glasses....also a single ammo box...thought that was anywise ran and jumped onto the swinging house

Seams the game lets you go into it....looked empty....but from that point i found i could jump onto the small fence and it looks like i can jump from there to some buildings way up high....failed to make the jump....almost made it...reminds me of that super hard jump in the sanctuary area to get to one of hte vault symbols....

I have not been able to do this yet...

(postiing this hoping some more skillful jumpers might be able to get further)

I have not found other places inthe ramparts that alow this trek off the I assume there is a reason to allow the player in this weaird place.

oh yeah....and if you do fail a jump....the place it respawns right next to the place you climb up to get to it again....

House is right before you get to the area with the two pseudo bridges with the non-working green runner on one of should be easily noticed up in the air on a cable swinging back and forth very large swings also slow.

The kind of swings that look like it was designed for timing and jumping to and from.
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Default Re: Hanging House in BloodShot Rampart

There was a mention of a teddy bear easter egg a while ago, this could be part of it.
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Default Re: Hanging House in BloodShot Rampart

i always thought the teddy bear easter egg was the one in chair at the holy spirits, you "use" it and it spins around dropping money for you.
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