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Question Keep Firing; Recommended Guns?

Basically, what are some good gun types for the Gunzerker. I have legendary class mod, the Blast Shield Hide of Terramorphes, a couple CCs and a few random other legendaries.

What would be some good weapon combinations to have? Dual CCs or something else?

Also what would be a good build with the class mod that would still have the Keep Firing skill in it. Or is that skill worth the points to get it?
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Default Re: Keep Firing; Recommended Guns?

Infinitys can take advantage of Just Keep Firing pretty well considering they literally never have to reload. Ever. Or stop firing at all. So yeah, they get good benefits from that. Spiniguns, and especially the Shredifier can get absolutely insane with JKF, considering their fire rate already gets ridiculous as is.

signed aside from that all bandit guns could work, high clip capacity gets the most out of JKF's abilities.
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Dre G. Writer
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Default Re: Keep Firing; Recommended Guns?

Two words: Infinity pistol
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Default Re: Keep Firing; Recommended Guns?

The best way to take full advantage of Keep Firing, imo, is with a hoarding war dog class mod. It'll give you mag size %, points in filled to the brim, and 5 shots or 6. Put 5 points into inconcievable, and you'll have 50% chance to not expend ammo, and up to 50% chance to add ammo after a kill from 5 shots or 6, depending on how many points the class mod adds.

Deep mags and high chance to not use ammo will keep any weapons firing longer during keep firing. High mag size weapons will benefit the most from it, but it makes even medium sized mag weapons much much better, and opens up a lot of options for what you choose.

With this setup I highly recommend hyperion smgs, vladof tmps, bandit shotties (bonus points for etech), vladof miniguns, and grenade launcher ar's. Vladof rocketlaunchers can even be used extremely effectively. Mix and match to taste. I had a blast with a bandit fire etech in one hand and a slag hyperion etech smg in the other. Firesd the shotty over 100 times without stopping once and the 19 round mage was pushed to 34, giving plenty of shots to get the ammo saving skills to proc.

It's mostly for fun, as a moneyshot build has highest potential dps, but it can be really effective against pretty much anything besides some of the raid bosses. Without that class mod though, your options are really limited to big mag ars and infinity pistols to get the longest duration out of keep firing.
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Default Re: Keep Firing; Recommended Guns?

I like Slagga + Vladoff Anarchy pistols. Those pistols can get better than Shredifier, which is silly. Half the clip and reload speed of the Shredifier means you can keep your Locked and Loaded buff on if you spec into it without much delay.

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