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Default Hyperius solo

Anyone got hyperius solo after the bee nerf?

Except those who use zero with that melee law and order combo (which in my opnion should be nerfed, wtf full heal in one hit? cmon) i didnt see any videos of anyone doing it yet...

I tried it myself and that radius damage is just impossible to defend, after you hit all of his robots sometimes he does that **** 4 times in a row... i cant barelly hold 2 of them, 4 is just impossible... =/

I sure agree with the bee nerf and stuff, but that boss mechanic is way too much for any class to deal with, well, some bosses have some weird mechanics, like terramourphous which the only way to kill solo is using map glitchs, i'm wondering why is this game so much dependent of map glitchs to have some bosses killed? i mean, terramorphous got stones in his area, those stones should prevents his tentacles to hit you, shouldnt it?

Dunno why i still spend time with it, really, guess i'm a nerd, rofl...

Dont be mean pls =)

Best regards

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eeb eht
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Default Re: Hyperius solo

I can solo pretty reliably with my commando with loads of health and shield gear/skills.
saber turrets with shields protect you 100% from the AOE blast, you just have to time it right because their shield go down from the rockets etc very fast.
4 players makes everything much easier though
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I <3 Nerfs
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Default Re: Hyperius solo
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Default Re: Hyperius solo

thx for the hints guys, hyperius is pretty much the only boss i cant kill solo, i play as zero and i dont wanna do the law and order combo because i dont like the style and i want to believe that there's another solution to kill him as zero without that overpowered melee tatic...

Will try to find a way to regen hp faster, i use the neogenator (which i think i'll change for the seraph shield) dunno if that's worth but anyway, i got some seraph crystals to spend anyway... other than that and the seraph relic and the zero class mod (which is bad regen wise) is there anything else i could use for a better regen stat?

Thx in advance guys

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