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Default Best Zero Melee Build

I'm sure the title has been used before.


My wife just started this build. We were pleased to see that with my harmony Maya and a slagga, she's killing every single mob in a room while I wear a sham to tank and heal when necessary. It works great, except for mobs with a few million health.

For super badasses, and SB Constructors and Loaders, she can do a perfect slagged execute with a Rapier and a proced roid shield, but only do about half health damage to them. (or less)

She built up through Many must fall, counterstrike, but still cant quite part with her critical, so she's got Bore as well. But even if she went up into the middle tree, I cant imagine her doing more than a couple million dmg to those mobs at full health. How in the world am I seeing screenshots of 100M dmg in one slice? What is everyone doing?

Oh yeah, does the critical hit damage skill in the left tree help melee criticals?
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Default Re: Best Zero Melee Build

Yes, crit damage up helps all crits. However, the big numbers from Zer0 come from Ambush and Backstab (and of course Killing Blow) which means you need to be hitting them in the back, which typically isn't a crit spot.

So if you ask me, bail on headshot and pump those points into anything that says melee damage up.
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Default Re: Best Zero Melee Build

If you attack from the back you can get the crit on loaders and suber Badass loader... the only problem is the constructor which the crit spot it's in his eye on the front

Loaders crit spot is in their shoulders if you use B0re you can see it clearly so just aim for that spot from the back and you will be good
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