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Default Re: Plasma Caster

almost always a Plasma Caster in the Treasure Room. hit it a couple times and you'll have one.
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Default Re: Plasma Caster

I got all of my casters, one of each type, from chest in the world. Got my Tediore Fire one right when I turned 50, by far the most useful guntype I have found.
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Default Re: Plasma Caster

Originally Posted by valleyyeti View Post
i think i have found the most plasma casters from the golden chest. for a great stretch across 5 characters, I managed to get one in 7 straight keys. epic run but haven't seen one in a coon's age.
I have never heard that before....

oh and I got a lot of my PC's from the golden chest

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Default Re: Plasma Caster

I found a surprising amount of e-tech weapons in caustic caverns.

with all the threshers, evolved varkids, chests and such, its a decent spot.
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Default Re: Plasma Caster

cant you farm the lotr easter egg for some etechs?
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Default Re: Plasma Caster

I'd say treasure room, Hero's Pass last chest, and golden key chest as the most common for me.

But random is random. Funny thing for me today, I was taking a level 25 commando to Bunk3r, and I found three new chests on the way up the hill. How any times have I done that run, and missed those chests? Dozens. One of them was a red chest to the left before the top level red chest. Felt stupid and happy at the same time...


I twink my low level casters from one character to another as they level out past the gun's usefulness. I'd say you get a good five levels from an e-tech weapon til it becomes something to hand back to the next character.

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