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Default Sullys Legendary shop

Before You Just Scroll Down the Page Take some time to Read my Page An wants List Will Not just trade with people throwing Weapons out I don't need Other then that Enjoy your time on this Legendary Trade shop Hope you Enjoy!!!

Best Time to Get A hold of me is Between 10:00 Am An 11:30 Pm Trades stop At 11:30 And will Continue Again the Next Day at 10:00Am im open to trade Any where Between thos Times I have listed

Im Willing to trade anything On My list Bellow for Any Level 61 weapon better or on my Wants lists I update The list at least every other day so Please come an look back an maybe we can work something out the best way to get a hold of me is to Leave a message on Xbox live GT:RoSe420FuNeRaL Im not always Signed on to Here so I may miss some Trade Request So Please Message me on Xboxlive if you are wanting to trade anything or even just looking for someone to Play Borderlands with I have a mic so I talk lol

1.mill Tunguska
Any Elemental Bayoneted emperor
Any Elemental Swift Shredifier with 15.7 Fire rate
Any Elemental Bitch over 19k Damage
Any Elemental Mongol Level 61
Level 61 twister
Level 61 NorFleet
Any Level 61 Elemental Stopping Emperor
Any Elemental Gunerang
Any level 61 elemental Deliverance
Level 61 Veruc any element
Any elemental madhouse
Any elemental Babymaker
Any elemental invader
any elemental nasty suprise

What Legendry's I have:
Dobby White Death(Electric)- 66,047
Wild Hammer Buster- 58,885
Swiss Deliverance- 19,719x6
Cuaranted Babymaker- 23,553
Homing Pandemic(Corrosive)- 90,991
Explosive Nasty Surprise -181,917x4
Skewering Shredifier(Electric)- 21,412
Corporate Bitch- 25,538
Patriots Infinity(Fire)- 27,745
Practicable Conference Call(Electric)- 22,200x7
Practicable Conference Call(slag)- 22,200x7
Practicable Conference Call(Corrosive)- 22,200x7
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold- 58,094x2
Lobbed Quasar- 209,205
Dynamic Logan's Gun-26,108
Taktikal MadHous!(electric)-16,145
Analytical Bitch(Slag)-18,671
murduring slagga-13,088x3
Two For Maggie-17,063x10
Cutting Edge Bitch(corrosive)- 18,671
Patriots Infinity(Corrosive)- 30,753
Skerry Wite Death(fire)-63,972
Twin Hornet- 25,336x2
Doubble Gub- 40,428x2
Censummate Hellfire-19,497
Patriots Infinity(Electric)- 30,753
Pulssant NorFleet(Explosive)- 1,154,945x3
Binary Thunderball Fists38,798x2
Longbow StormFront-118,261
Straight Shootin Maggie-19,671x6
Razerz White Death(corrosive)-66,047
Gromky White Death(Slag)-72,271
Skookum Skullmasher-40,573x5

Pearlescent weapons:
Fast Bulets sawbar(Fire)- 17,270
Banbury Storm(Electric)- 78,357
Twap a Tunguska- 629,353
Critical butcher(slag)- 18,269x3
Hefty Avenger(Electric)- 22,701
Cuaranteed Avenger(fire)- 15,682
Attack Bearcat(electric)- 42,072x3
Attack Bearcat(fire)-42,072x3
Purging Stalker(corrosive)-39,945
Purging Stalker(Electric)-39,945
Attack Bearcat(corrosive)- 42,072x3
Patrel Bearcat- 47,581x3
Attack Bearcat(slag)-42,072x3
Purging Stalker(Fire)- 39,945
Dastardly Unforgiven- 83.378
Restructuring butcher(corrosive)- 20,955x3
Purging Stalker- 47,934

Pink Weapons I Have:
Rightsizing Actualizer- 41,537
Bladed tattler(Corrosive)- 17,645x3
Feral Seraphim(Fire)-36,740
Proactive Actualizer(slag)- 32,097

Legendary Heads I have:
Assassin Heads
Special Edition: FOrgOtten
C0al Train

Mecromancer Heads
Digitized Death
Pig Rider
Metal Blood
Lovely Corpse

Commando Heads
Dapper Gent
Special Edition:SnowBlind
The Hawk
Shadaloo Stylish
Vault Veteran: Lancer

Gunzerker Heads
Special Edition: Private Eyes
Not-So-Jolly Roger
Vault Veteran: Sledgehammer

Siren Heads
Special Edition: Clean Shave
Admiral Asskick
Shrapnel Slayer
Alkaline Mistress
Kawaii killer
Cold Steel
Till Death Do Us Part
Vault Veteran: Dr. Crazy


My New Legendary Shop

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Default Re: Sullys Legendary shop

I want critical butcher slag and wild hammer buster...what do want
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Default Re: Sullys Legendary shop

I will trade a inflammable bee max damage for snowblind head and would you take a dastardly Maggie for private eyes head

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Default Re: Sullys Legendary shop

I'd like that Maggie. I'll trade a fire Norfleet for it.
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Default Re: Sullys Legendary shop

I know this is alot but ill take all your siren heads just look at my list for what items you want.
My Wants and My Shop
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Default Re: Sullys Legendary shop

Originally Posted by Geno013 View Post
I'd like that Maggie. I'll trade a fire Norfleet for it.
I would like to have the head
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Default Re: Sullys Legendary shop

Do you have any wants in particular, spotted 5 bits id like, check my thread NBs Weapon Hoard see if you can pick some bits, id like dobby white death, hammer buster, Swiss deliverence, homing pandemic and fast bullets sawbar
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