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Default LF: Community day Siren+zer0 skins/heads

I'm looking to trade for the community day skins that i happened to miss out on, i tried farming them in bullymong piles but had no luck/not sure that they even spawn anymore, so i decided to come here and try that instead
I have:
OP 8
Puissant Norfleet (slag)
Stopping Sand Hawk (fire)(
Stopping Sand Hawk (shock)
Double penetrating unkempt Harold
Dynamic Logan's gun
Redundant Logan's Gun
Core Logan's Gun
Bonus Bunny
Cohesion Morningstar
Shock Twister
Longitudinal Fremington's Edge
Filled Hydra
Thre Dog
Expeditious Grog Nozzle(x2)
Fire Fire teeth of terramorphous
Value Octo
Reserve Lascaux
Binary Rubi
Surfeit Grog Nozzle
Ferocious Kitten
Practicable Interfacter(shock)
Vengeful Infinity(shock)
Skorry white death (fire)
Puissant Norfleet (fire)
Stocking bunny
Burning infinity
Hylu Skullmasher
perma-sharp baby maker(shock)
Taktikal Madhous!
Practicable slow hand
Contingent Longbow
Hylu Trespasser
Binary little evie
Sapping kitten
Contingent Fremington's edge

OP 8 Siren Gear
Slayer of Terramorphous Class mod
Legendart Siren Class Mod
Legendary Nurse Class mod
Legendary Binder class mod
Legendary cat class mod
unyielding banshee class mod
Patch that up(x2)
Blight of the Valkyries
Pink Pandoracorn
Pandoran Legend
The witching hour

PM me on xbl, gamertag: Minty Rogue
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Default Re: LF: Community day Siren+zer0 skins/heads

Sorry dude. Those skins can't be obtained anymore. The only way you could've gotten them is by buying the Community Day pack. Otherwise they aren't available.
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Default Re: LF: Community day Siren+zer0 skins/heads

and the ingame skin-/headdrops are not tradable, they disappear when you save&quit. you've had to use them directly.
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Default Re: LF: Community day Siren+zer0 skins/heads

Does that Surfeit Grog Nozzle have a Maliwan grip? If so I've got some things in the trade-thread in my sig I'd be willing to give for it, though no skins I'm afraid...
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kevamadi's 'NOT F*CKIN AROUND!!!!' Zerker build...
(optimized for the LEGENDARY GUNZERKER class mod)
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