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Borderlands 2 fan
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Thumbs up offering overpower level 1,8 weapons,shields,relics to good home


Rubberised corrosive cloud-Vladof grenade
Recessive amplified shield-Hyperion shield
Acid nova shield- maliwan shield
Aggression relic-eridian relic
Ornery coach gun-jakobs shotgun
Electrified aegis-maliwan pistol
Cautious corrosive spike shield-maiwan shield
Homing grenade-tediore grenade
Homing incendiary singularity-hyperion grenade
Resistance relic-eridian relic
Fashionable jericho-maliwan sniper
Boosh a blaaa-torgue rocket launcher
Contingent policy-hyperion sniper
Two for one dart-tediore pistol
Floated hornet-Dahl pistol


Derp-torgue rocket launcher
.................................................. .................

Tell me what one you want and the only thing i want in return is to be power leveled.
if you are interested in joining me online message me my psn is misterRage55

LEVEL 61 Berserker
LEVEL 61 Assasin
LEVEL 61 Commando
Level 40 Psycho - My official Trade Shop
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