Borderlands 3

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Updated shift codes

5SCT3-ST69B-HWJW5-TTTB3-W5S6H Here is where I will post updated key codes. As they expire I will mark them as such. The one above is active. Anybody else that finds one first feel free to post it but also edit when it …

191 February 25, 2020
Tell us about waiting to redeem your Packs 11 February 25, 2020
100 Great LVL 53 Items to trade with full alphabetical list. Looking for missing Meta items/Anointments to fill my list! 10 February 25, 2020
LF- Recursion x2 w/ 50% anoint and 12+ ammo 20 February 25, 2020
Guardian ranks hard cap 69 February 25, 2020
Find Troy Glitch 6 February 25, 2020
BL3 Website Skill Trees Not Working 1 February 25, 2020
Drop Rates Nerfed? 36 February 25, 2020