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About the Borderlands 3 category 3 October 9, 2019
Can`t activate maliwan takedown! 4 November 22, 2019
New Amara Class Mod 10 November 22, 2019
LF everblast shotgun and other gear to try new takedown 2 November 22, 2019
Megavore skill break *WORK AROUND FOUND!* should work for other skills 10 November 22, 2019
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Would You like to see Maliwan Takedown made more Solo-able? 97 November 22, 2019
LF:Deathless Artifact 1 November 22, 2019
Iron Bear Post Patch 31 November 22, 2019
Share your experiences with the new legendaries/anointments 4 November 22, 2019
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Mayas character arc 38 November 22, 2019
+5 class mods for trade 100 November 22, 2019
Legendary Drops Worse after Update? 13 November 22, 2019
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Extra Gear 4 You 115 November 22, 2019
Some bugs from new patch (Let me know any others)

If anyone has any other bugs let me know and I’ll add them to the list Megavore doesn’t seem to proc whatsoever Holding my Companion gives me terror stacks when wearing a Terror on action skill end (not sure why due to…

224 November 22, 2019
Lf ghast call grenades 12 November 22, 2019
I think a delay might have been preferable to these bugs 9 November 22, 2019
Want: Snowdrift Splattergun 1 November 22, 2019
130% gun damage after swapping places with your clone intentional or design flow? 13 November 22, 2019
Megavore skill break workaround found 1 November 22, 2019
So for the elite players, the min-maxers (People who play mayhem 4) 9 November 22, 2019
LF Moonfire's I have everything else 1 November 22, 2019
Is spilt screen text size actually going to be fixed? 9 November 22, 2019
New Legendary Items from Nov. 21 patch.[spoilers] 24 November 22, 2019
Butcher Recoil nerf? 21 November 22, 2019
Power leveling my moze 2 November 22, 2019
Clans? I need people for Takedown! 8 November 22, 2019
Having trouble finding out a barrier/clone build 5 November 22, 2019