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BeeHawk Axton M/S BadassRound in 14m01s (4)
Video Clips That Make You Go Hmmm-BL2 Edition ( 2 3 ) (59)
TIPO MAD MAX?!?!?! Borderlands 2 Gameplay Ep. 01 - Feat. Fábio (1)
Gun Zero M/S BadassRound in 16m 14s (+15m34s) (1)
Absolute Hyperion/MALIWAN Allegiance Zero (9)
Borderlands Online (A cancelled game) gameplay by Hayder Hype (4)
6 casual and 1 absolute Allegiance build Maya (11)
My 10 Favorite Raid Boss Kill (4)
LOL a Borderlands 2 matrix moment! (1)
TVHM Krieg the psycho (2)
Never FFYL Deputy Sal's Pandora Adventure. (Arenas, Bosses and randoms.) ( 2 ) (26)
I found awesome Hyperion shotguns to use with Sal for Hyperion slaughter (5)
LootHunter Twitch clips (8)
How to return to Hyperius arena with only 6 granades. (No rocketjumping) (1)
Krieg Magic Slaughter in 11m35s. +10m52s. No(FFYL, Moxxi, BAR, UCP) (2)
Melee Zer0 vs DigiPeak in 11m21s (8)
Sniper Zer0 vs Digipeak in 11m55s-No moxxi & transfusion & Heath Vial & launcher (6)
Krieg vs Digi Peak in 13min53sec (8)
OP8 Invincible Son of Crawmerax The Invincible vs Hellborn Krieg (first attempt) (1)
Op8 vermi went poof? (1)
The Dragons got me tripping in finesse, another one! (13)
24 hour borderlands 2 stream! (1)
OP8 Ancient Dragons of Destruction vs, Bloodsplosion Krieg (I told you what would happen!) (2)
Krieg Digistruct Peak in 15m26s (18)
Zero Digistruct Peak with JAKOBS (1)
OP8 Voracidous vs Bloodsplosion Krieg (1)
Hi Woundspike! Bye Woundspike! (1)
Axton Digistruct Peak [Bekah Only, No (FFYL, Bee, Moxxi, BAR, UCP)] (1)
Op8 Krieg vs Pyro Pete (Personal Fastest) (3)