Borderlands   Gameplay Videos

Professional Lilith vs. Crawmerax the Invincible time improvements (1)
Roland's Adventures on Pandora (7)
Wil Borderlands get a: (4)
Ultimate Rakk Hive Farming (15)
Bulldog vs Knoxx (1)
Stouty22 is a Borderlands Badass! ( 2 ) (31)
White gear only vs Crawmerax. The Final-ish Challenge! (5)
Crawmerax vs Bessie (6)
Repeater only Mordecai vs Crawmerax (9)
1 Gun Mordy vs Crawmerax (2)
Merc Lilith kills General Knoxx in 50 seconds (5)
Jumping over armory wall with Roland (3)
It's A Trap... Clap SDU Shortcut (1)
Roland solo Circle of Duty Five Rounds at Once (2)
Shotgun only Brick vs Crawmerax (1)
1 Gun Lilly vs Crawmerax (11)
Creative Craw Kills (1)
No shield Mordecai vs Crawmerax (7)
Cramerax Solo, used Fury (3)
No shield Roland vs Crawmerax (8)
Dancing car, because.... reasons (13)
Killing Craw, green commando style. The death by a thousand cuts! (1)
New play through with Mordecai in HD and with expanded FOV (3)
Farming reaver, quick like a bunny (3)
Loot waterfall.... why does this have to be 15 characters I got the point across with loot waterfall but whatever (6)
No shield Lilly vs Crawmerax (6)
Just playing Borderlands 1 on PC (for the first time) ( 2 3 4 5 ) (93)
Borderlands Streams And Youtube Vids (2)
New one life to live series on my youtube (1)
Borderlands funny: rakk hive (5)