Borderlands   [XBOX] Online Play and Trading Post

IMPORTANT Trading Info: Please read before posting (2)
OG seeks other OGs for lootin' and shootin' (1)
Need people for playthrough (3)
And They'll Tell Two Friends achievement (11)
Looking for co op buddies (1)
Need a vengeance preferably low level (1)
Free Pearlescent Weapons To Good Homes! ( 2 ) (39)
Looking for Rose Shield and Omega Shield (2)
Looking for pearls and legendary eridian weapons got pearls to trade for (3)
New start on pandora on the classic (2)
Looking for Ajax Ogre (19)
Farm with me! Level 69 Soldier. All legit (3)
Liquid Orion help (4)
Looking for people that have gearbox employee achievement (1)
Pearls for trade/giveaway (5)
Need a favour, "And Then They'll Tell Two Friends" (12)
Looking for people to play Armory of General Knoxx (4)
Looking for people to play with and run craw (1)
Xbox 360 Co-op Fresh Start (5)
Looking For People To Start A New Game! (2)
Need Help Finishing Final Bosses and Achievements Xbox 1 (1)
Anyone want to start a fresh? ( 2 3 ) (47)
The Destroyer, Help? (4)
STILL NEEDED! Anyone may host a game where i can farm the Circle of Duty reward? ( 2 3 4 ) (62)
Looking for Pearls (4)
Need Help With Final Circle of Duty on Second Playthrough (4)
Specter class mod ( 2 ) (25)
Larger challenge underdome teammate for achievements pls! (3)
Save transfer from 360 to xbox one? (3)
DLC Playthrough (2)