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About the Bug Reports Category - PLEASE READ BEFORE REPORTING BUGS (3)
Steam Error- Missing Executable (8)
Missing File MahoganyGame-Win64-Shipping.exe (2)
Game not downloading on Steam (2)
Game keeps kicking me out (3)
Hangout chat doesn't display correct winner (1)
Queued ranked, said I was fighting someone, but it never let me join the fight, lost 30 mmr (8)
In certain instances the turret defeys gravity (2)
First Impression / High Ping (8)
Issues with game launching (2)
Closing doesn't actually close the game (1)
Screen Resolution Issue (4)
Enemy not loading (3)
Matchmaking Issues on PC (3)
Mouse going out of bounds (1)
Incorrect Loadout Award Screen on Match Loading Terminated (2)
Mouse and keyboard have frozen (2)
Jump Pads vs Human Flame (1)
Match Loading Issues (3)
Invalid Codes for Friends (7)
Setting's not sticking [all] Build #: “41” (1)
Missed "fire" (mouse 1 clicks) in combat and in collection management - altered double-click speed (2)
Game In Fullscreen Causes Lobbies to Glitch (1)
Duplicate Avatar / Profile Image Bug Still Lives - in match and remains in Dojo (1)
Severe lag/desync issues. Gun not firing, etc (2)
Unable to redeem code on Steam (2)
An Update for the Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test is Rolling Out Today (9/27/17) (1)
New Process For Reporting Crashes in Project 1v1 (Please Read) (4)
OpenGL RHI Crash (3)
Poor connection crash on startup (3)