-_- the problem with removing incursion from quick play

Like half of the playerbase goes to Incursion. It takes way longer in any game mode than in Incursion

I got to Incursion it takes 8 minutes top. I got to Quick match I haven’t even played capture since the patched. There’s just too few people. I know a lot of people voted for it but the least you could of do was make it more rare. now that Incursion is faster to get a game in then what’s the point of going into quick match?

The point is that, although the wait times are definitely longer, you can actually PLAY the other games mode now, instead of having all the tryhards vote for Incursion.

It also helps the low levels to get steamrolled less frequently.


but I could play other game modes before ¯_(ツ)_/¯ maybe if Meltdown wasn’t ruined I would have voted for it xd but fr tho I don’t like staring at a blank screen watching people join an leave I rather just play a long match of incursion. Shame cause I really enjoyed the capture update and I preferred Meltdown because it didn’t become a clusterfuck of skills like Incursion but the devs so utterly lost their minds I lost a lot of faith in them tbh

i’ve learned in gaming life that if you move something away, a whole batch of people complain.

And then if you add that thing back in, that original group is now happy and quiet yet a whole other different group complains.

What an un-thankful job it can be trying to design/balance video games


Well, here’s the thing, at least with my own experience in Battleborn. I, and many of my own friends, don’t find any other mode in the game to be long-lasting tests of each others skills except for Incursion. Capture was, again my opinion, to appease the CoD fans with something to do and, 9/10 times it turns into a slaughter fest with no engaging back and forth games. Meltdown was boring/lackluster compared to Face Off and Face Off, while the intentions were good, wasn’t interesting enough to pull away from the draw Incursion had.

Incursion is the real MOBA-inspired game mode of the game. It’s games are long enough to make comebacks given a team is good enough to do it (despite how easily people surrender in the mode). It’s engaging and can create very competitive matches. Now as far as the lumping of the other game modes into Quickplay and it being harder to find games, that’s just the effect of majority rules. Speaking from personal play experience of the game, I don’t want to play Capture, Meltdown or Face-off for the rest of the game’s lifecycle or however long I will be playing it. They are boring modes and don’t offer the real, grindy back and forth nature that Incursion offers. I know plenty of people, when Gearbox did this the first time, who QUIT PLAYING COMPLETELY, until they swapped Incursion back to its own matchmaking. Some buddies of mine even got me to get Borderlands so we could wait out the eventual return of the matchmaking we actually wanted to play

I don’t think the overwhelming dislike for Incursion in Quickplay would’ve been so strong if Gearbox would learn to take out the “No preference” vote in the lobby and do the voting like so. First everyone votes for what mode they want to play. One option of each competetive mode: Incursion, Meltdown, Face off and Capture. The mode with the most votes activates another vote, displaying the maps to vote for in the winning mode’s map choices with the option of “no preference” in THAT vote. The way it was, there was usually an entire mode that you couldn’t vote for because it wasn’t even there. Make Draft mode a seperate matchmaking and then shove Bot mode into Co-op.

What platform you’re playing at? I’m on Xbox and live in Europe (where PS4 dominates and where are very few Battleborn Xbox players) and still I had no problem finding matches in Quick Match.
However if you have such problems to the point where you prefer to join Incursion, then you still can play Incursion on it’s playlist. When all mode were squeezed to one, there was hardly anything except for Incursion anyway. I much prefer separate Quick Match and separate Incursion and I think it should stay like it is forever.

I actually think it should be separate. Only because all the more competitive players seem to be drawn to that playlist though. It does prevent Incursion from being overplayed in QM and reduces the chance of randoms getting paired with 5-mam teams. Also, I’ve had no issues finding games in the other queues at all since the change.

I just wish it could be the same for Solo Q, (but it’s impossible to separate the playlist for obvious reasons), as everyone always votes for Incursion in that too. I’ve yet to play a game of Meltdown in Solo Q because I’m literally the only person that votes for it. As much as I like Incursion, I get bored of playing Overgrowth, over and over again and I just wanna mix it up a little. You know, add some variety…

That’s because nobody likes capture in general.

It’s just not that good of a game type.

true, it’s generic and not as interesting as the rest lel

wat’s your point?

bruh it takes too long to get into a match in quick match now, that’s the problem. Plus it was more convenient, instead of using the same characters I could just evenly level up different characters I use based on the game mode

That’s specially true when it comes to the forum. An environment full of complains even for the slightest inconvenience.

Might as well remove both Capture and Faceoff entirely. Very few players enjoy those modes. Only keep Incursion and Meltdown to eliminate the various queues and wait time with the game low population.

Do you solo in QM? The reason why I might still be finding games is because I tend to team up with people, do. it minimises queue times.

As for characters, I pretty much exclusively play Deande for every game mode so I don’t mind not being able to play other characters much. The only time I’ll change is when my team wants me to fill a role in Incursion or something.

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85 perecent of the time xd

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I only find it hard to find matches in solo queue. In any other case, its just what time of day that the player base flows in. For me, xbone and in cali, its seemingly most populated by late noon and after. Most of the skilled/ pre mades/ higher level players are what I find flocking to incursion queue. Its just difficult to find a decent match more often then so in quick.