0 Cost Shard Generators - Are they worth it?

After reading how people are running zero cost generators, I’m curious if they’re impactful enough to take up a precious gear slot. I typically run 2 Legendaries and an Epic in my builds so I’m open to the idea of better early game shard generation.

How impactful is the bonus +2-3 bonus shards per second?

I have 2 PvP load outs that are:

  1. 0 cost shard generator
  2. 0 cost -21% build
  3. +healing / +healing after 180s
  4. Whatever my little heart desires.

There’s something to be said about being able to build an elite bot on the first wave.
And be able to get to level 2 with a few minions and your 2nd buildable before anyone else.

Then it’s XP city from the constant upgrade and PK and minion kills.

It’s a personal choice. By the time I hit 10 I have more shards than I need so I can constantly push out bots and throw up any buildable to level 3 if it’s needed. So whether or not it’s worth it is really up to what you’re looking to get out of it.



I love running a zero cost shard gen piece along with a zero cost buildable wrench, and then finally a legendary. (:

I find that it helps you get a massive level advantage if you are both tagging minions and spamming buildables.

So it is really fun if you play someone with decent speed, AoE, etc.

It definitely seems like a viable option imo. Idek though.

I say try it out for yourself and see how you feel about it.

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I’ve been running with 0 cost shard generators on my support builds. Can’t say it has had a significant impact on my gameplay. Or an impact at all. I might give Reyna back her reload or attack speed.
Not that it can’t help but hasn’t been of any use to me, 's all!

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I think its good to have 1 or two for some modes. I think its great to have them for things like capture since there is not many shards there specifically the free shard one so you can keep building turrets.
Just try to get the negative effects that don’t effect your character like heal power for non healers reload speed for melee etc.

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From a theoretical standpoint, the positive effect of shard generators is - on some level - directly tied to your role in the group. Or, more precisely the time you spend killing minions, players - basically everything that ties you up in one spot.

If you’re playing a more ‘roaming’ character, you might be better off with another gear piece (as collecting shards is done on-the-go, while you’re traversing the map).

In practice, Shard Collectors are most useful to build bots early game and activate your gear in a predictable amount of time. In lategame, their only use is not having to worry about shards for turrets.


I’m gonna counterpoint here, just because there isn’t much of a dissenting view(even though I don’t really view it negative etiher: play what you feel :slight_smile: )

Even if the negative doesn’t affect your character, I’d probably still pass on a 0 cost shard generator, simply because it takes up a slot for something else. Once you build your gear set, and maybe by midgame, shards stop being an issue. You’ll find enough around the bases, or just minion clearing, that you won’t run dry.

Normal Blue, Purple or Orange SG’s, at least have a secondary stat with them. You might be losing out on the benefits of the SC itself, but it can still boost aspects of your build. And other 0 Cost gear items, will generally provide a solid stat boost on their own. You may not get the benefits of TWO stats, but you are getting it for free. :slight_smile:

Again, this is strictly from my PoV, but I’d say there are better items for the third slot than something that makes the first one or two quicker in access.


If you’re wasting shards to get shards back from a purple or orange SG for its secondary stat you’re better off just using a different item with a better primary.

Spending shards to make shards makes no sense, given it will take you upward of 10 minutes (a third of an incursion match) to make BACK the shards you already burned buying an epic or legendary generator.

If you’re using a shard generator is should ALWAYS be free or it defeats the purpose. Hell even buying a 420 cost white SG is less time effective than doing a single shard run from base camp.

After 200hrs of gameplay I’m still yet to actually get a free SG, so I’ll let you know how I go if I ever find one.


Depending on your character, it can be very good. If your character has a big power spike from their ultimate, using a zero cost shard generator lets you continually build the shock turret on Overgrowth to reach level 5 at a point when most people are only level 3.

My teammates have used it with great success on characters like Orendi and El Dragon. If you’re unable to get an early lead with the advantage of having your ultimate early, then, most of the time, a different piece would scale better toward the late game.

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Shard generators are only worth it if they’re a white shard generator in my opinion, but also EXTREMELY worth it. They make legendaries in PVP perfectly viable and easy to use without hindering your ability to buy buildables. I use it for Galilea, for all support, and many other characters.


Yep especially useful for late game characters. Just build like crazy…

In my opinion - No. This is of course for pvp purposes, for pve they might be beneficial in some missions, but again - pve is not that hard to begin with, so anything goes there.
As to why - it’s simple. As far as I have seen biggest values I have seen is 2.1 shards/second. Which is ~1200 shards in 10 minutes or two big minions in meltdown for example. It’s not that much. Yes it could let you activate legendary easier…but I would argue that 3 rares/epics are better than 2 legenderies in most cases and this way you loose the xp boost for not using those shards on buildables.
I see only two uses for them myself. 1. For cheap Capture mode builds, since shards are a bit a problem there, so this can let you get 2 other a bit more expensive mods.
2. For characters that are really bad on killing minions and thus struggle to level up initially. But…the problem I don’t know any heries that were so bad at this. All of them can change their playstyle a bit to just get xp from minions kills done by your team. You only need to hit minions before your teammate dispatches them.

Of course this is only my opinion.


I think flawed common (white) shard generators are the best pieces of gear in the game. There is no reason not to have shards, you use them to build and neutral turrets can make the difference between winning and losing a lane. Building also grants XP and can help you to outlevel the enemy. Finally, shard generators help you to activate your other gear earlier. Never underestimate the power of shards.

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I’m too lazy to recall or even look up the legendary shard gen that shares 30% of your collected shards with teammates but I’d say that one is well worth the price of having it in your gear set up. That way you only need one person collecting shards instead of half the team running around (not a problem with pre-mades, but even then it still allows 4 out of 5 of the team to focus on objectives instead of shard collecting). Whenever someone in my team runs a build with that legendary shard gen it’s been WAY more useful than harmful.

Just Saying.

Shared income in a specific collector role is a pretty niche use.

I don’t deny its utility but my post, in a broader sense, still stands.

GENERALLY SPEAKING, spending x amount of shards to get y amount of shards in a disproportionate amount of time (z) is counter-productive, as is using a SG for its secondary effect when you could get more performance from the same primary on a different item.

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It depends on who you’re playing. If you’re a highly mobile character like Caldarius, Benedict, Thorn or Melka, then yeah, because it doesn’t take you long to get the shards on your own side, and you can even steal them from the opposing team if they’re not paying attention. But if you’re playing Miko (who basically never leaves the front, just retreats when his attackers do to top off health,) you’re not really going to be doing anyone any favors leaving the lane to get shards.

Generally speaking, all my non-capture gear sets are two legendaries and a shard generator.

If you’ve got the right legendaries for the character, you’re getting slightly more stat (Symbiotic Gauntlets/Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr/Vow of Vengeance/Vow of Zealous Fury) or utility (Shard of Jennar/Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece/Vyn’s Quiver/Boots of the Brute/Executive Insurance Policy) out of two legendaries as compared to three epics, for only 450 more shards. But if your third slot is a shard generator, you’ll earn your gear faster, or level faster by buying buildables and minions. And of course, once your gear is paid for you’ll always have cash for buildables.

I’ve played around with other setups, but I really prefer the free shard generator. You start earning shards the moment it’s activated … so before the doors open even. If you’re someone who is likely to stay on the field rather than respawn (such as Miko or Reyna because they heal themselves,) you can be constantly supporting the fight, and building/re-building whatever structures are at the forefront. If you’re a late-game bloomer, you’ll have the shards to level faster and get there much faster … and that third legendary won’t matter as much as being to level ten that much sooner. And if you’re a character who leaves the front to get shards (or steal enemy shards, like Caldarius or Melka,) then you’ll almost be able to buy a minion bot every time it cools down.

I’m sure there are other schools of thought that work well for others (a focus on buildable cost can make sense for instance for late-gamers - but even then the Sentinel Reset Switch or Generous Refund Policy might be better in the long run - I’m not sure,) but the split with two legendaries and a shard generator works out pretty dang well for me.

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Literally no matter who I play I always run a zero cost shard gen.

0-cost shards are basically a free discount to your other items. 2 shards/sec is 1200 shards every 10 minutes. Obviously, you’re going to see more of this benefit for longer games.

You’re giving up a statistical advantage (+atkdmg) in favor of tactical advantage.

Whether or not that’s “worth it” is situational, depending on many things like which BB you’re playing, the map, the enemy, etc.

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When I run the 0 cost shard generator and 0 cost cost reduction I normally get 2-3 levels ahead of everyone and keep that lead or get further ahead until level 10.

I want to point out a counter point to the thought that late game the gennies are useless in PVP: while the buildables are a lot weaker lategame, they are still valuable. And being able to spam build them over and over again forces the enemy to split their attention, even if it’s just for 2 seconds, between you and the buildable. And even if they don’t, you still get the benefits of said buildable!

I run a genny on about half of my builds, and I can count the games I’ve had a huge amount of leftover shards on one hand. (200+ hours into the game)

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