0 Score after completing Story and Ops Missions

After latest patch Story Missions and Ops Missions keep finishing with a final score of 0.

Especially annoying after finally getting what would have been a Gold on Renegade Normal . . . twice. : /

Saw this mentioned elsewhere, but thought I’d put it in support as well.

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happening on pc too. it really gets annoying

Had this as well with a group clearing advanced. Really annoying. Hope it gets patched soon.

Happened to me as well. At first I thought that I did something wrong or something. Hopefully GBX fixes it soon.

Still happening for me. Any one know the reason or if it got any attention yet? 3 of 3 games tonight even after restarting the game.

Happening to me as well, at least in public story/ops mode. I do not seem to have an issue solo or notice it as much. Based on recent games and personal observation it seems that possibly people dropping out (even when they return) may be contributing.

Just happened twice to me
One time I got a score once it came to the next screen. 2nd time score then a minus score for 0.
@JoeKGBX. ??

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Thanks for flagging this! The team is looking into this one currently.

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