0 score after successful completion of Attikus DLC

So buddy and I just played twice. Run through 1 finished around 73k. Run through 2… see below:

Double zero’d. Finished mission. No idea wth just happened here.

I had this happen to me too, twice, not sure why.

Ah, crap. So definitely a story mode bug from the patch. Thank goodness that wasn’t on advanced hardcore or anythi… oh… crap. Well, hopefully this’ll get sorted soon! (And hot fixed BEFORE Thursday cause man… that’s really annoying.)

This happened to me twice on two different story mode missions. Once on normal difficulty and once on advanced. Two different maps… Saboteur and Algorithm.

Not sure how this one got past QA.

Hey, that looks exacly like my score after completing The Experiment (on Normal) with 2 other players today.

I had something equally frustrating happen the day of launch

The high score didn’t show up in my Career Stats either

I’m…not sure either. This seems normal: is it something wrong with bonus score, credits or something else?

I didn’t get a score medal
Bronze- Platinum

Oh, that. I thought it just didn’t show up yet.
BTW Platinum? How much score you need for platinum?

This happened on my first run-through of the new Op. Hasn’t happened since, though, thankfully

A whole hell of a lot, apparently. I’m still convinced it doesn’t exist

Platinum has two conditions
Hitting a certain score (100,000 I believe)
and what I think is either never being downed and never losing a life.
It might be something else but there is some sort of trigger.
I’ve gotten Platinum at 105k and Gold at 120k

Not only are we posting this bug but it’s a screen shot many from all over the world are posting on Steam.