0taku's art 'n stuff

The topic where I will post my artistic stuff, how rare it (sometimes) may be. Will add the previously shown written stuff whenever I figure out manual quoting.

Nevermind the text on the CCS drawing…

There might be a few more on my laptop’s HDD that I might be able to show.
Might be the place where I’ll be posting my poetry aswell.

Keep in mind that these are WIP, one of many I probably will never finish.


Nice pencil work - really! Good shading technique.

Thank you!

Added previously shown poetry to the OP for those who haven’t seen it.

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Good job, Otaku. I like it.

Lurking on old stuff can always bring something awesome to light. i.e. what I was doing. Post more of your work this is really good!

Working on new stuff, goes slowly but steady.
Glad you and Ryo like it!

I can imagine it takes time. I just wanted to let you know I like it and want more!