1.4GB Borderlands 1 Update on Steam

Just received a 1.4GB update for Borderlands 1 on Steam. Didn’t see a news post here or on Steam, so I’m just wondering what has changed.

I dunno…just fired it up and didn’t have to download anything here.

The last patch I’ve seen was the one that switched multiplayer from Gamespy to Steam.

Maybe someone gifted you a DLC?

When was the last time you played? Is it possible an old update was removed from your computer?

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I already have all DLC and didn’t receive any gifts.

That might be it. Last time I played was in April.
Thanks Kitty :thumbsup:

I got the update too and the last time i played is two weeks ago.

Players from Germany and Russia on the Steam forums are reporting this update removed the previous censored version.

What are censored ???

Ever notice games like TF2 needed to run in Birthday mode if played in some countries? No blood and guts.