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I agree with this. I run my Hellborn/Mania build with a Neogenator and I’m in no rush to get the RR. Though I may try to farm one with a higher health value.

Well, I did try it. When I got things going it worked excellent, but getting the stacks was too much of a pain.

Btw Neogenator/Evolution has a higher maximum health boost(although only slightly-RR is 980k and Evo/Neo is 1mil)
Although obviously RR has the damage resistance so its ehp will be higher

Still if you just want to see higher numbers on your health bar
Evolution/Neogenator all the way :stuck_out_tongue:

I got way too used to the Neo admitedly. Mine has all Tediore parts so it has the lowest capacity iirc, which really helps getting it down fast.

Forgot to ad that the build I run is gun based, with RtB as the “oh ■■■■” button.

Yes, I prefer damage resistance to health regen when it comes to Krieg. It is possible to work health regen into a melee Krieg rhythm but it can interfere with it unless you’re very careful. The times I’m most at risk as Krieg are when I try to activate Release the Beast but do it after I’ve gone above 33% health, which puts your life saver on cooldown. It’s a bigger problem when you’re playing with a Siren, but the Neo / Evolution can cause problems too. At OP levels I sometimes use a Blood of the Seraphs to make sure I’m not stuck between >33% and <health gate.

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The health regen from the Evolution/Neogenator is really hard to notice though, even harder considering health boosts: –I’m a clickable link–

One for Gaige?

"Close enough." -- Krieg, "Borderlands 2"


with Legendary Reaper

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So I think I’ve theory crafted what I wanna run for endgame with Krieg, wanted to get some expert input on it:

This is, afaik, pretty much a typical Bloodlust-Mania type build. I’m planning on probably running a purple Blister com with this (all the Leg. coms have at least 1 Hellborn skill on them). Basic idea is to open up with gunplay until I hit 33% hp and then pop RtB until that ends, rinse repeat (pretty typical hybrid Krieg playstyle). I find that I seem to prefer to throw my buzzaxe rather than actually chase down and melee my enemies most of the time (if they come to me, then I might actually smack em with it), this is partly because I have Buzzaxe Bombardier, but also because throwing it means I don’t have to spend time and (further) expose myself to enemy fire in order to kill things during BxR. So despite lower DPS, it’s actually more time efficient in practice to throw the buzzaxe most of the time.

I’ve noticed that Blood bath tends to result in gobs of nade ammo being left around, which has me thinking that I can really spam nades with this build, which, given how powerful some nade mods are, seems like an insane amount of fun (not to mention rather devastating to my enemies). The fact that I also have Bloodsplosion only makes that seem even more fun. :imp:

Looks pretty sweet to me!

I don’t always spec Blood Overdrive. I don’t usually go for any melee kills outside of rampage, and (iirc) the time it takes to activate Release the Beast means that the melee damage increase has expired by the time you’re rampaging. If I’m using a grenade mod that can benefit from reduced fuse time it can still be useful though.

I love Blood Bath and often use it to spam Fastballs :smiley:

It does.

@Frightning: go with a Legendary Sickle even if you’re using RtB because the bonuses outweigh the Blister COM even with the bonus to PiP. The level doesn’t really matter because only the melee bonus changes.


That’s almost identical to the build I’ve been running for a while now, except I only have one point in Nervous Blood and one in Blood Twitch which allows five points in Boiling Blood. Between melee and grenades I don’t switch weapons often and I don’t reload a lot either so I don’t need a lot of points in those skills, besides up to 30% with max Bloodlust stacks which I often have in combat is huge for only one point.

Try Fastballs and put one point in Thrill of the Kill so you don’t have to rely on a Moxxi gun for healing, Fastball kills and subsequent Bloodsplosion chains will keep you healed for days. I run a Slagga as my primary weapon, odd as that sounds to say out loud.

I wish I’d known about this post when I started playing Krieg, funnily enough this thread was created around that time… :confused:

Slagga and Storm Front mixed with melee here. So much fun and so much chaos! :slight_smile:

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Well, this is a very typical build… Although I really feel like blood overdrive is unnecessary. You barely ever get to trigger it because most of Kriegs top gear nearly never trigger it and even if, you should only melee in rtb and its animation is 2 long that your killskills stay up. I would put more 2 points into boiling blood, 1 point into thrill of the kill (actually really great skill) and the rest into blood twitch because weapn swap speed is really important. I recommend a lot of splash/grenade dmg guns because blood bath is awesome! Fastballs are extremely good with Krieg btw!

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I know Krieg has a lot of great skills but I can’t help but feel that this is his best mobbing skill no matter what gear you’re running, and one point is all you ever need.

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