1% damage buff per hit, miss resets.... does it have a max?

And if so, is it even worth it compared to other anointments that give a flat bonus under certain conditions?

Im not entirely sure of the max; but its less forgiving than the card states. It will also reset if you briefly stop firing, or reload; due to this i would tie it with fl4ks new st4ckbot com

I believe I recall someone saying the max was something like 15% or 25%, but I can’t find the post now unfortunately. They may have been incorrect and limited by mag size, however. Personally, I’ve not found it on a weapon I wanted to use that had a decently large magazine. The weapons I’ve used it on, it was very underwhelming.

I had tested with a hellshock n got up to 57% before running out of ammo… theres other posts here that may help @ https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/1-damage-stack-anoint-needs-a-buff-edit-no-it-doesnt-but-it-needs-explaining/4227059/18

Interesting, thanks for the link. Maybe Moze could make some use of it on some bosses then…

I’ll need to quadruple check my research here, but I found that you specifically need a body shot to reset the stacks. If I whiff a shot, reload, switch weapons, take a Fast Travel, or even go into my menu and switch out weapons, the stacks remain.

My main weapon for this is the King’s Call. Note that one has to be in Fade Away when using this gun or it will drop the stacks every time (since the subsequent shots outside of Fade Away aren’t crits, so you’ll get a single stack only to have it immediately erased). However, while in Fade Away, they count as crits, so one shot from that weapon should add four stacks. (Even the last shot that takes you out of Fade Away will have the extra shots land crits, so you can fire all three safely.) I haven’t tested to see if there’s a cap, though I’m sure there is. My Monocle hits for 41K scoped, and after a run through some maps, I hit the dummy to see where I was at, and I hit it for half a million.

You may be correct on that; the damage buff in question here is the 1% per hit weapon anointment; only thing i mentioned involving st4kbot was that this would be great paired with it

Ah! Yeah, I’m using the stackbot. I did, coincidentally, get an Atlas pistol with that anointment… fairly easy to get consecutive hits with those.

It’s resetting on my anointed purple gun.

If I stop firing for more than 1 maybe 1.5 or 2 seconds or reload, I lose all the stacks. It does not matter as far as where I hit. Head or body, I still see the increase (respective to the crit spot on the Jack target of course) as long as I’m firing and hitting.

I’d rather have a flat bonus. Unless I had this on an Infinity, I would not use the weapon for the anointment. It’s really bad. I’d rather use a janky jumping/sliding anoint (and I hate those). This is even worse on weapons with multiple pellets or explosions/dots, like the bearcat.

Depending on the chosen toon; most other anoints would be better off; moze can make this work with many different weapons; fl4k can now add it to st4kbot to get higher burst potential during fade away - beyond these i dont see it being much use